These Are the Most Photogenic Ice-Blue Beauty Products Ever

When we say "frost yourself," what's your knee-jerk reaction? Matthew McConaughey? Kate Hudson? A Hollywood-fabricated diamond campaign? Well, yes. Same. But, it also makes us think of the hoards of ice-blue, delectably frosty beauty products we've received by the pounds this season.

And while the shade is a bit unlikely where highlighters, shadows, and lipsticks are concerned, most of the formulas we've tried are curiously flattering and/or just fun to wear. (Makeup is supposed to be exciting, guys!) Plus, isn't a strategic streak of icicle-blue highlighter atop a sculpted cheekbone the ultimate accessory for dressy winter festivities? We think so.

So in the spirit of all things one-part frigid, one-part fantasy, we decided to put together a subzero collection of ice-blue beauty products we kind of think you need to try this winter. Scared to plunge into frozen waters all at one time? Some are so subtle and shimmery, it will feel easy to dip your toe in to test the waters.

From polish to pots of glitter, here lie 19 ice-blue beauty products sure to send super-chic shivers down your fellow partygoers' spines this season. Keep scrolling!