Applying This Surprising Product Before Bed Helps Me Sleep Better (for Real)

My premature eyes sparkled at the sight of my mom's classy assembly of pretty-shaped bottles on her vanity. I was entranced at all the gold-, silver-, pink-, purple-, and champagne-colored glass bottles. Though I wasn't quite sure exactly what they were yet, I marveled in admiration each time I watched my mom get ready and spritz her wrists, neck, and behind her ears because "people will get a whiff of how good you smell when they hug you," as she told me.

My obsession with fragrance arose at a very young age. I'd sneak a few spritzes of my mom's fancy Tom Ford, Chanel, and Mugler scents every chance I could get. Even though she told me certain scents were for "special occasions," I wanted to wear them every single day. Thanks to my mom, perfume played a profound role in my transition to womanhood. I remember the time I was gifted with my first "big girl" perfume. My collection hasn't stopped growing ever since.