I Tried Starpil's Starsoft Roll-On Wax and I'll Never Book a Leg Wax Again

Read a Byrdie editor’s review, ahead.

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Removing your body hair is entirely your choice, but with summer fully underway, hair removal might be top of mind. And if shaving from head-to-toe or spending hundreds on in-salon waxing services doesn’t sound feasible, rest assured that there’s another way: Starpil’s professional-grade waxing products that you can use at home. 

Eyebrows aside, I’m a total beginner when it comes to waxing. But I recently tried my hand at removing my leg hair with Starpil’s Starsoft Roll-On Wax with guidance from esthetician Taylor Shipley. (And spoiler alert: I’m currently experiencing my softest legs ever.) With a little education on at-home waxing do’s and dont’s, almost anyone can skip the salon appointment and wax their legs (and some other areas too) at home. 

Curious about my experience? Ahead, read my full review of Starpil’s Starsoft Roll-On Wax, plus tips for how (and when) to wax at home from an esthetician.

Starpil Wax Product Trio

How to Use Starpil Roll-On Wax

"I love our Roll On waxing system for leg services," says Shipley. "It's hygienic, fast, effective, and easy to use for professionals and at-home users. This formula is considered a soft wax, so strips are required."

It’s important to note that before waxing for the first time, it’s always a good idea to perform a patch test with the wax. Just dab a quarter-sized dollop onto the inside of your wrist and wait 20 minutes to ensure you don’t develop a reaction. If you have a skin condition, a history of ingrown hairs or hair-removal related infections, or if you’re waxing in an area that’s hard to see or access, leave it to the professionals. 

If none of this applies to you, welcome to your at-home waxing journey! Make sure you follow the instructions that come with the product exactly for the best results and the smallest risk of irritation. “Waxing at home is a great way to save money where you can, as long as you’re doing it correctly,” reminds Shipley.

Starpil Wax Warmer

If you’re like me and you opt to use the Starsoft Roll-On Wax System, here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Turn on your Cordless Roll-On Wax Warmer, then insert a Roll-On Wax Cartridge. (Psst, I opted for the Starsoft Roll-On Wax because I have very sensitive skin, but Starpil also makes aloe, calendula, and even chocolate-infused roll-on wax, as well as a vegan formula.)
  2. Once the cartridge has been inserted into the warmer, allow it to heat for a full 30 minutes—no shortcuts! 
  3. Preparation is key! While you’re waiting for your wax to heat up, make sure you’re working with clean, dry skin by starting with the Starsoft Pre-Wax Gel, which cleanses, sanitizes, and hydrates the skin to prepare your legs for waxing. Make sure your skin is completely dry before you move on to the next step. 
  4. Once your wax has been heating for 30 minutes, you’ll want to test the temperature and consistency on a removal strip. Remove the seal from the cartridge and roll some heated wax onto the strip—it should be very warm and the consistency of liquidy honey. 
  5. Roll the wax onto the area of skin where you’d like to remove hair. “Be sure to roll the wax with the grain of the hair growth,” notes Shipley. “This helps laminate each hair for the best results.” 
  6. Apply a removal strip directly on top of the wax. Then, pulling from one end of the strip, pull the strip off of your skin against the direction of hair growth (that means “The direction you’re pulling the strip will typically be towards you and parallel to the skin,” says Shipley).
  7. Repeat on other areas of the body until desired results are achieved. And be sure not to wax the same area of the body more than once.


"Hydrating and exfoliating is how you make your wax last and your skin healthy," notes Shipley. "Exfoliating 3x a week and moisturizing your skin daily with body lotion or body oil helps maintains the health of your skin and prolong your wax results." Immediately following a wax, you’ll want to douse your skin in Starpil’s luxurious Post-Wax Lotion to soothe, calm, and hydrate your skin. The lotion is a delightfully creamy texture that absorbs quickly and leaves your skin looking plump and shiny—there’s no greasy residue or comedogenic ingredients. You can also apply the Post-Wax Oil after the lotion to remove any wax residue and lock in moisture.  24 hours after waxing, you’ll want to use the brand’s Ingrown Hair Serum to prevent ingrowns and irritation (you can use it every other day for the first week after waxing if you’re particularly prone to ingrowns). I followed this regimen to a T, and as you can see ahead, my results were incredible.

The Results

Starpil Results

After I finished waxing, I experienced the smoothest legs of my life—the results were far softer, smoother, and shinier than anything I’ve ever achieved with shaving (and with zero irritation in the days that followed). I was ingrown-free and completely smooth for a full week, which is to be expected for first time waxer like me. But Shipley notes that “due to the hairs being at all different stages in the growth cycle, regular waxers can expect closer to two weeks of results before regrowth begins.” It just takes 2-3 waxes to sync up your hair cycles to maximize the length of your results.

How to Choose Your Wax

While the fragrance-free Starsoft wax formula and portable roll-on modality called to me personally, there are tons of options when it comes to waxing at home. Starpil makes plenty of different roll-on wax iterations, but the brand also makes professional grade soft wax and hard wax. If you’re new to waxing and aren’t sure which formula is right for you, the best thing to do is visit a Starpil-carrying salon for a treatment so you can talk with a professional esthetician about your needs, skin type, product preferences, and if you’re a candidate for waxing at home, or you can take Starpil’s online quiz and find out which products will be perfect for you!

A Final Word

Remember, not everyone can wax at home. If you have a skin condition or want to wax in an area that’s hard to reach or see, your best bet is to visit a trained, professional esthetician. And if you’re brand new to waxing, it’s a good idea to visit a professional for your first wax for product recommendations and tailored-to-you waxing tips. That being said, if you’re experienced and comfortable waxing at home, Starpil can give you the salon-quality results you’re looking for from the comfort of your own bathroom. 

Shipley agrees: "At home leg waxing is great for those who are on a time crunch, budget, or just not comfortable with leaving the house right now," she says. "I always recommend seeing your local esthetician if you have concerns."

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