Beauty Dare: Byrdie Readers Voted for Me to Dye My Hair Pink… So I Did

When we were pondering all the cool ways we could shake up our looks this year, our minds immediately turned to our readers—after all, you inspire us to embrace a bold and playful approach to our beauty routines on a daily basis. We knew we wanted to turn the makeover concept on its head, so why not invite you to play along? And thus, Beauty Dares was born: Throughout 2018, each Byrdie editor will be asking you to challenge us to try something new—from bold lip colors we don't typically wear to a drastic, new haircut. First up is our wellness editor, Victoria Hoff, who asked our Instagram followers to choose a new hair color—and the shade you landed on does not disappoint.



Paley Fairman

If I remember correctly, our Beauty Dares series was still only in the conceptual stage when I volunteered myself as the first tribute. "Oh good," I told Editorial Director Faith Xue. "It's been too long since I switched up my hair color." For reference, "too long" in the realm of my personal history is barely more than a year. Prior to my current status as a smoky blonde (seen in the photo below), I oscillated between my natural shade of chestnut brown, caramel, blue, deep espresso, back to my natural brown (with a short and shaggy cut), and then rose gold—all over the course of 18 months. Let's just say that I haven't earned my status as Byrdie's resident hair color chameleon for nothing.