Hyram Yarbro Says This Product Made Him an Eye Cream Convert

The skinfluencer breaks down his routine.

Hyram Yarbro skin

Hyram Yarbro

What I Put on My Face

All skin is good skin, which is why good skincare is more of a journey than a destination. We all love a one-off tip—but, at Byrdie, we’re more interested in how our skin evolves over time. The product we've used for a decade, the ingredient cocktail that made us glow, the step we never skip, and all the advice in between. This is the stuff that makes a real difference. With What I Put on My Face, we’re bringing you the rituals, recommendations, and failed experiments (we’ve all had them) straight from celebrities, founders, and influencers who’ve gone through it themselves.

Hyram Yarbro may not be a dermatologist or aesthetician, but he is certainly an expert in skincare. With over 6.3 million followers on TikTok, the digital creator, known for his masterful dissection of ingredients and knack for dispelling skincare myths, has become the go-to for anyone looking for honest, easy-to-digest product reviews. 

Yarbro's success in the last few years was no doubt fueled by a collective lockdown-induced obsession with skincare and social media, but his genuine enthusiasm for both transformed him into a bonafide “skinfluencer” with real staying power. Case in point? He launched his own skincare line, Selfless by Hyram, in collaboration with The Inkey List earlier this year.

The digital creator also recently announced the debut of "Justaposition," a new podcast that will invite fellow creators and tastemakers to discuss a range of issues, including mental health and perfecting your skincare routine.

Ahead, Hyram Yarbro gives Byrdie an inside look at his skincare routine. From the SPF he never forgets to his favorite green tea cleanser, see a comprehensive guide of what Hyram Yarbro puts on his face.

About His Skin

My skin type is combination/oily with an oily T-zone and normal-to-dry cheeks. I live in a humid environment, so the main concern I have is reducing excess oiliness and sebum production while combating skin damage due to work travel. It’s a lot of maintenance!

Another one of my top priorities is slowing [down] any signs of premature aging. Before I got into skincare, I struggled with pretty severe fine lines and aging. 

How He Got Into Skincare

I initially became interested in skincare after seeing how skincare products could repair years of premature aging. I grew up on a cattle ranch, so sun protection was a foreign concept to me. Working as a makeup artist also showed me how cosmetics could transform people’s confidence, and I felt that sharing the message of skincare was the most impactful way to do that.

His Morning vs. Night Routine

My daytime skincare routine is very simple—I typically keep it to four steps, focusing on oil control and a lot of sunscreen. 

My nighttime routine is where I get to test out new products on the market and treat myself by using rich, moisturizing products and treatment ingredients like retinol and exfoliants.

The Skincare Step He Never Skips

I never ever skip sunscreen. My message has always been that if you’re only going to do one step in a skincare routine, make sure it’s sunscreen!

How His Routine Changed Over Time

When I first got into skincare, I wanted to try out as many products as possible and use the strongest exfoliants and treatment products. I was spending too much money on products that weren’t effective. Nowadays, I keep my routine pretty simple, stick to the same products as much as I can and always lead my purchasing decisions with the ingredient list.

The Ingredient That’s Made the Biggest Difference

Retinol, by far, has made the biggest impact on my skin. It was responsible for undoing a lot of the sun damage and premature aging that I had from my youth. It also helps to repair any current sun irritation I experience. It’s amazing for removing dark spots and acne scars. 

That’s why the product I was most passionate about creating in my line was the Retinol & Rainbow Algae Repair Serum ($30). I wanted to make sure that as many people had access as possible to this incredible ingredient.

The Best Skincare Advice He's Ever Received

Hearing the popular piece of data from Dr. Dray, a dermatologist and YouTuber changed the way I viewed applying sunscreen. She said that over 90% of premature aging is due to sun exposure alone. From that day forward, I always made sure to apply (and reapply) SPF as much as possible.

His Skincare Pet Peeve

My biggest skincare pet peeve is when people apply a product by touching the dropper to their fingers or face. Dropper formulas are less protected from the environment than airtight formulas, so when you introduce bacteria from your fingers and face to the dropper and submerge it back in the formula, it’s a recipe for the product to go bad.

His Most-Used Product

I use the Selfless By Hyram Salicylic Acid & Sea Kelp Pore Clearing and Oil Control Serum ($24) every single day without fail. It does an amazing job of controlling my oily t-zone and preventing breakouts without drying out my skin. I don’t remember the last day I didn’t use this product!

The Product That Has Been in His Routine Forever

I run through a lot of amazing products, but the one that has stuck with me the longest is probably the Youth To The People Kale & Green Tea Cleanser ($36). While I don’t use it every day, I discovered this product shortly after the brand was launched and became absolutely obsessed with it. It’s great when I need a deep cleanse!

The Skincare Product He’s Loving Right Now

I’ve always been iffy about eye creams, but my dark circles have been really persistent recently. I was shocked at how effectively (and quickly) the Peter Thomas’ Roth Potent-C Eye Cream ($68) faded my dark circles. It’s on the pricier side, but I definitely think it was worth it because nothing else worked.

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