Turns Out You Can, in Fact, Be Allergic to Nail Polish


Element 5Digital/Unsplash

Fun fact: You can be allergic to nail polish. Scary-sounding ingredients like tosylamide-formaldehyde resin, toluene, free formaldehyde, acrylates, and methacrylates are common polish ingredients that can induce a reaction like contact dermatitis. (Not exactly what you're going for when you get a manicure.)

But we're wising up to the harmful ingredients in our beauty products, and the nail polish world has stepped up to the task of creating safer versions that actually work. Now it's not uncommon to find five-, seven-, and nine-free polishes in both drugstores and clean beauty boutiques. To break down what that means, we rounded up our favorite nontoxic nail polish brands—and what potential allergy-inducing ingredients they're free of.