The Secret to Hydration Is Hiding at Sephora

How is your skin feeling right now? If the words "dry," "cracked," "tight," and "flaky" come to mind, it’s probably time for some serious hydration, my friend. Sure, the quest for a dewy, hydrated complexion can feel like a never-ending journey, and with so many moisturizing products on the market right now, finding the perfect remedy to soothe dry-as-sandpaper-skin can feel overwhelming.

Which is why we did a little digging at Sephora for hero products with miracle ingredients such as vitamin C, botanical extracts, hyaluronic acid (think of this as a tall glass of water for your skin) and squalane (the warm, fuzzy blanket ingredient that keeps hydration in) to help you achieve the smooth skin you've been thirsting for. Because cold winter air, dry indoor heat, and, yes, even long, hot showers exacerbate and irritate your epidermis, give your face some TLC with these deeply hydrating products.

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