I Test-Drove 7 Hydrating Face Masks in the Actual Desert

Here at Byrdie, we're in the business of approaching skincare products with skepticism. (You can buy into the hype of a product all you want, but when you're spending upward of $60, you want it to work, right?) When a product claims to give you the glowiest, plumpest, most hydrated skin of your life, our first thought is rarely, Ooh I need that, but instead, Really? Prove it.

Which is why when Byrdie's contributing writer Aiden Arata and I were invited to Palm Springs with Chevrolet last week (to celebrate the launch of the company's sporty new 2018 Equinox—chic, no?), it really couldn't have come at a better time. Of course, there's never a bad time to luxuriate in the desert on a random Tuesday. But just a few days before, I was obsessing over a new story written by Byrdie Managing Editor Lindsey Metrus about a sensor that can tell you exactly how desert-dry your skin is. Disturbingly, few of the "hydrating" products she was using were significantly improving the moisture level of her skin. This inspired me to wonder Are our favorite hydrating masks all a sham? I had to find out.

To do so, Aiden and I packed the Byrdie team's seven favorite moisturizing masks into our Chevy, drove them to the desert, and tested them on different parts of our faces after a long day in the ridiculously dry, 112-degree heat. In other words, we put them to the ultimate test. Curious to find out which hydrating face masks plumped our skin, even in the Palm Springs desert? Just keep scrolling.



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Which Hydrating Masks Passed the Ultimate Desert Test?