I Took Skin-Plumping Pills for 1 Week—Here's What Happened to My Skin

Updated 09/23/16

They say there's no such thing as a magic pill. But when the pill in question is hyaluronic acid, is there an exception? I'd been hearing a lot of buzz about ingestible hyaluronic acid (which our bodies produce naturally, but production of which declines as we age, like everything good in life), so when a box landed on my desk, it was a no-brainer to put it to the test. Did it work? Keep scrolling to find out.


The kind of hyaluronic acid pills that I was sent and took was Biocyte (pictured below), a French brand that is extremely difficult to find online; however, you can try alternative options. I have chronic acid reflux (lucky me), so I was wondering if taking a pill with acid in the title would have any gastric effects, but it was surprisingly easy to stomach—I experienced absolutely zero physical side effects, which is all you can hope for when taking a new supplement. The box said to take one pill (200 mg) every morning with breakfast and a large glass of water.

I wondered why it had to be taken in the morning, and with food and a large glass of water, but I followed the instructions, did just that, and had no issues.

The box also says that you are supposed to take the pills every day for three months, so I didn't expect to get the plumpest skin of my life after seven days. When the week was over, I can't say that I had noticed a "lifted" look, or any fine lines that looked less prominent, but something very telling did occur. When the week began, I had been experiencing one of the worst outbreaks of my ongoing skin condition, perioral dermatitis, that I've had since it began several years ago—horrible, cystic scabs and red, inflamed skin.

By the time the week had ended, my flare-up was completely gone, without a single other change to my diet and without using any new products or stopping anything I usually use. In short, nothing else in my life had changed except the pills, and a serious flare-up had completely gone away. That, to me, was a huge sign about the pill's skin benefit potential, and I definitely plan to keep taking it daily.

Have you heard of hyaluronic acid pills? Would you try them out? Let us know in the comments below!

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