Human Skin Cells: The Next Anti-Aging Frontier?



Call us biased, but the skincare industry in particular is one of our favorites to watch when it comes to technological advancements. From laser zapping to weird-looking at-home devices, the anti-aging sphere is constantly evolving, with new treatments and procedures being launched on the daily. Just 10 years ago, Blackberries (the phone, not the fruit Gisele Bündchen says she avoids) were still the epitome of cool, and no one except makeup artists ever used the word “contouring.” Ten years from today, will wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging be a thing of the past? It’s a slightly exhilarating (and also completely terrifying) thought.

As beauty editors, it’s our job to stay on top of all that’s new in the quest for younger, tauter skin. Right now, we’re intrigued by a new ingredient trend that’s very unexpected (yes, even compared to salmon sperm): human stem cells. Yeah, we’ll let that sink in for a minute. If applying a stranger’s stem cells on your face sounds creepy or the start of a very niche horror movie, you’ll want to keep reading—the information ahead might just change your mind. We asked Dr. Hal Simeroth, founder of Stemology skincare and possessor of a PhD in Bioethics, to tell us if human stem cells (and their extracts) are the key to eternal youth—or, at the very least, a more prolonged youth. Ready to get really scientific? Keep scrolling to school yourself on this anti-aging trend.