Huggies Are Your New Everyday Earring—Here's How to Style Them

Model wearing huggie earrings.

The Last Line

Earring trends rarely stray from the classic styles—studs, hoops, dangle—but every once in a while, a new trend pops up that proves its staying power. In this case, it’s the huggie earring. The style doesn’t fall in the stud category, nor can it be referred to as a traditional hoop. Instead, the huggies are in a class of their own, quickly becoming one of the most popular earring styles among jewelry lovers. Curious to learn more about this earring? Scroll on to learn how to style your huggie earrings, plus our favorite options to shop right now.

What Are Huggie Earrings?

Huggies are small hoops that hug the ear lobe, just as the name suggests. This style is often confused with traditional hoops or ear cuffs, but the three types are very different. Huggies sit much closer to your earlobe than classic hoops do. Like a stud, you can add your huggie to any lobe piercing, while hoops are generally only worn in your lower lobe piercing. As for how they differ from ear cuffs, huggies have a clasp or lever closure, but ear cuffs are only worn on the outer edge of your ear and don’t go through a pierced hole.

How to Style Your Huggie Earrings

Link Up

Model wearing linked huggie earrings

Emma Pills

Looking to get creative with your earscape? Emma Pillmer, founder of jewelry brand Emma Pills, suggests linking together multiple huggie earrings to create a dangling effect. It’s a fun way to make your look one-of-a-kind, plus it’s an excuse to wear various styles at once for those days when you can’t decide which earrings to wear.

Stack Your Hoops

Model wearing stacked hoop earrings.


Hoop-lovers, this one’s for you. If you put your huggie in your second or third lobe hole, you can pair it with a larger hoop in your main hole. This look is especially sleek with simple silver or gold hoops, but you can also use your huggies to add a subtle hint of sparkle.

Mix and Match

Model wearing mix matched green huggie earrings.

The Last Line

Huggies are a great option when it comes to mixing and matching styles. You can find plenty of huggies sold as a single instead of a pair, so you can wear different huggies in each ear or wear a huggie on one ear and a stud on the other. There’s lots of room for creativity!

Statement Charms

Model wearing butterfly charm huggie.


Huggies are generally low-profile earrings, but styles with charms add a quirky touch to the simple silhouette. Brands like The Last Line and Bychari also sell charms specifically for huggie earrings, so you can constantly change up what charm you want to wear on your huggies.

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