Huda Kattan Says This Is the Secret to Middle-Eastern Women's Perfect Hair

I've met enough influencers to have developed a (gratuitous) generalized opinion of the position. Through social media, these once-laypeople have transformed themselves into pseudo-celebrities, amassing hundreds of thousands to millions of followers who double-tap because of their aesthetics and unique perspectives, and eventually, these influencers monetize their own posts, the posts you and I have the same access to create. It's fascinating, albeit a bit envy-inducing. Sure, influencers have that enigmatic It factor and razor-sharp eye for content, but behind their curated grids, #sponsored posts, and expertly edited imagery are personas with the same intangible, unrelatable clout as a Kardashian or Jenner.

Speaking of which, when Huda Kattan, the founder of Huda Beauty who has 25.7 million followers on Instagram, and I met a few days ago to discuss her upcoming Facebook reality show, Huda Boss, I expected the same disparity I would feel with an A-List celebrity. But upon entering her hotel suite, there wasn't an ounce of pomposity in the air. "I'm a hugger," she tells me, before laying on a big squeeze. I'd met influencers with a fraction of the following she has and wasn't met with nearly as much warmth, so I asked the beauty mogul how she stays so humble.

"Everybody shits," she says without a flinch. "It's like the people who've followed you made you. You know what I mean? So I just feel like things have changed. I feel like there was a time where people could be like 'Oh, I'm too good to notice people noticing me,' and it's like, no, actually, you're not. Nobody is." Kattan says she tries to respond to as many comments as possible within her "small community," (if almost 30 million people is "small") to foster a connection, a refreshing pursuit that's sure to be responsible for her massive fan base. That and the fact she's somewhat of a van Gogh at makeup and hair. Eager to learn her beauty secrets and connect with her fun-loving personality even more, I sat down with the newly minted reality star for all that and more.

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