Huda Beauty's Classic False Lashes Will Elevate Your Everyday Look

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Huda Beauty Giselle Classic False Lashes #1

Huda Beauty Giselle Classic False Lashes #1

Byrdie / Kathleen Suico

What We Like
  • Flexible, cotton band

  • Easy to apply

  • Lightweight

  • Wispy and natural-looking

  • Reusable

What We Don't Like
  • Band is hard to conceal

  • Pricey

The Huda Beauty Giselle Classic False Lashes #1 are easy to put on, wear comfortably, and complement any daytime look.


Huda Beauty Giselle Classic False Lashes #1

Huda Beauty Giselle Classic False Lashes #1

Byrdie / Kathleen Suico

We put Huda Beauty Giselle Classic False Lashes #1 to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

The first time I ever wore false lashes was to my college graduation. I'm not sure why I thought that was the best time for a new beauty experiment, but it worked out. Using my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I created a mauve smokey eye paired with some wispy drugstore lashes.

Thankfully, they stayed on all day without bothering my eyes. And my eyes immediately looked bigger and more awake. After years of shying away from falsies, I was instantly converted.

There's something about a feathery wispy lash that is my absolute favorite. They elevate even the most simple makeup without overpowering it. When the Huda Beauty Giselle Classic False Lashes #1 came across my desk, I knew instantly they were for me.

Best for: Daytime and dramatic eye looks

Cruelty-Free?: Yes

Price: $18

About the brand: Launched in 2013, Huda Beauty is one of the fastest-growing beauty brands worldwide, building from the influence of founder Huda Kattan's blog of the same name. Kattan was honored at the 2022 TIME100 Impact Awards, and the brand has over 48 million followers on Instagram.

About My Eyes: Sensitive and watery

Without contact lenses or glasses, I would not be able to function. Because I'm always fussing with my eyes, they're very sensitive and water easily. That's why I look for lashes with lightweight, flexible bands. Any styles that are too heavy or thick are more likely to irritate and cause a runny mess. So I was intrigued when I saw the band on the Giselle lashes is made of cotton.

How to Apply: Timing is everything

If you have trouble applying lashes, get yourself a lash application tool. I am partial to the Velour Lashes Too Easy Lash Applicator, but Tweezerman also makes a good one. They help with getting into the corners and close to the lashline. Before touching any glue, I always hold the lash up to my eye to see if I need to trim it. 

Makeup artist Robin Black suggests "working" the lash before applying glue to it. "Use a gentle rolling motion to loosen up the band and help it adapt to the natural curve of your eyelid,” says Black. "This is especially important for Asian eyes, which often have a less rounded shape."

To apply, I paint on a thin layer of glue onto the band. To prevent any lifting, I add some extra glue on both ends of the lash. I start by placing them in the center, followed by adjusting the inner and outer corners. For best results, you want to wait at least 30 seconds for the glue to dry. "You want it to feel tacky, not wet. When the glue is partly dried, press the band into the base of your natural lashes," shares Black.

The Results: Fluttery lashes

A person before and after applying Huda Beauty Giselle Classic False Lashes #1

Byrdie / Kathleen Suico

As soon as I saw the Huda Beauty Giselle Classic False Lashes, I knew they were for me. Since they're a softer style, I paired them with a diffused brown cat eye using shadow. I was trying to make them look more like extensions rather than a strip lash. Once they were fully on, I could see spots of white from the cotton band peeking out. I tried to use brown shadow to conceal it, but it wasn't saturating the band enough. So I went back in with a brown liquid liner to smooth it out.

The wispy flares opened up my eyes without feeling bulky.

Even though my eye makeup turned out more dramatic than I wanted, the lashes looked great. The wispy flares opened up my eyes without feeling bulky. They last all day without moving or poking at me.

The Value: Worth it

You can find great false lashes at almost any price point. So I understand not wanting to spend extra coins on this $18 pair, but hear me out. A single pair of drugstore lashes is about $3 to $5 and usually for one-time use. Because you can use the Huda lashes up to 15 times, the cost per wear becomes less than $4 if you maintain them. Even if buying the Huda lashes feels like a splurge, you're getting better quality at almost the same price as a drugstore lash. 

According to the brand’s website, each pair is reusable up to 15 times. Makeup Artist Tommy Napoli recommends using alcohol to clean them. "Set the lash on a stable surface, like the palm of your hand," says Napoli. "A cotton bud dipped in alcohol will break down glue and mascara and sanitize the lash for its next use."

Similar Products: You've got options

Anastasia Beverly Hill Norvina False Lashes in Oh-My ($12): Like the Huda Beauty Giselle lashes, the ABH lash in Oh-My has synthetic wispy flares with a thin, clear band. Their website says you can wear a pair up to 20 times, making it more cost-effective than the Huda lashes. They're also vegan and come in recyclable packaging.

Lilly Lashes Lite Faux Mink Lashes in Luxe ($20): The Luxe lash is a semi-wispy style that adds length and volume. The band is black, so you might need a heavier eye look to help conceal it. And the brand doesn’t note how many times you can reuse a pair.

Final Verdict

The Huda Beauty Giselle Classic False Lashes #1 feel comfortable and look great on—I just wish the band was less noticeable.


  • Product Name Giselle Classic False Lashes #1
  • Product Brand Huda Beauty
  • Price $18.00

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