Huda Beauty Is Launching a New Foundation, and the Internet Can't Handle It

Updated 01/04/18

Huda Kattan is a makeup artist and blogger who sits at the helm of the Huda Beauty company. You're sure to recognize the name from smash-hit products like the Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette ($65), which is as ubiquitous on Instagram as it is in makeup kits around the world. It's clear to see why; the palette includes a mixture of 3D metallic shades and matte and shimmer finishes in vibrant and fully opaque colors. In other words, it's amazing, and it unleashes a creativity that's only comparable to the kind you felt when you were gifted with an art kit in elementary school.

But I digress.

Her latest product is the brand's debut foundation, the Faux Filter Foundation, and it will be available October 13 in a diverse, inclusive range of shades. Even though it hasn't been released yet, the anticipation is incredibly high. Keep reading to see the foundation that everyone is talking about on Instagram.

Faux Filter Foundation comes in 30 different shades ranging from pale to deep. On her blog, Kattan wrote that it will "embrace and celebrate all skin tones — from the very fair to rich and deep skin tones, beiges, olives, and golden shades." We love this, as it's been historically difficult for people with darker skin tones to find variety in makeup shade variations. It also looks like a new foundation brush and makeup base are launching along with the foundation, which will make it easy to source all of your base products from the same place (e.g., the Huda Beauty website or Sephora).

Here you can see all 30 of the shades that will become available on October 13. Each chic square bottle will retail for $40 a piece, which isn't too steep considering that it's formulated without parabens or sulfates. Plus, it's high-coverage formula, meaning that you won't have to layer a ton of product on your skin to conceal discoloration, uneven skin tone, or blemishes. Less is more, right?

If the success of the rest of the Huda Beauty products is any indication, this foundation will be worth the hype.

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