Huda Beauty’s Microfiber Gel Gave Us Fluffy Brows With Just a Few Swipes

The perfect amount of definition and hold.

Huda Kattan

Huda Beauty

If you ask Huda Kattan, eyebrows are an important part of the face. Not only do they help express emotion, but the facial feature also does a fabulous job enhancing natural beauty. “My brows are one of my favorite features,” shares the beauty mogul, who admits to trying several different brow trends over the years. “Brows are so important in framing the shape of your face.”

Using her own brow journey as inspiration, Kattan and her team recently launched #BombBrows Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel ($19), a new product that’s meant to tame and add instant definition to brows. 

Below, learn more about the inspiration behind the new drop, the formula, how to use it, and our honest review. 

The Inspiration

Since noticing that overly pigmented brow gels made her naturally dark brows look blocky, Kattan has been on a mission to create a tinted gel that effortlessly provides fullness, control, and salon-like enhancement for all brow types and colors.  All hair colors are covered in this new brow essential that ranges in eight shades varying from a warm blonde to a soft black. 

“I wanted to create a product that was versatile and also looked realistic. I feel like it’s so important to have a collection that allows people to be able to express themselves and create unique looks that suit them as individuals,” she explains about her decision to create a variety of shades.

The Formula

The Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel formula is unique because it uses microfibers to adhere to your hair. The results? The appearance of thicker brows. “The fibers within the formula create an ultra-volumizing effect transforming sparse-looking hairs into fluffy ones,” Kattan explains. 

This new brow must-have, which features a micro-precision brush designed to easily comb through brows without product build-up, contains hair-conditioning ingredients, including coconut oil, vitamin E, castor oil, and cyperus oil.

As far as the hold is concerned, the gel keeps brows in place without being stiff or flaky. “The formula is super long-lasting while remaining flexible throughout the day,” she tells us. In short, the product is perfect for both beginner and advanced brow enthusiasts. “Full ‘N Fluffy is the perfect tool for those who might be brow beginners because all you need to do is swipe it through your brows, then you’re done.”

How To Use

Using the tip of the precision wand, slide the pigment along the brow to create a defined shape. Then brush through using the ultra-thin spoolie for your own desired fullness. Huda Kattan let us in on her secrets to achieving the brow look you desire in a few easy steps with the new brow gel.

  • For a soft and defined look: Brush the hairs upwards using the gel to sculpt and create the shape you want. Use Huda Beauty's Microshade Pencil ($17) to fill in any areas where you want additional definition. 
  • For a full and fluffy look (Kattan’s Favorite): Use the Microshade Pencil to draw hair-like strokes, before achieving natural-looking definition by blending the gel with the ultra-fine spoolie. 
  • For a feathered look: Brush hair upwards using the spoolie to build volume.
Huda Beauty #BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel
Huda Beauty #BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel $19.00

The Reviews

Emerald Elitou, News Writer

Emerald Elitou

Courtesy of AE Photos

I'm not one to get experimental with my brows. Instead, I prefer to keep things simple with light grooming. However, I was intrigued by the new Full 'N Fluffy brow gel when I learned that the formula includes microfibers to help them look selfie-ready in just a swipe. When I opened the tube I was surprised to actually see microfibers on the spoolie. I was curious to see if these fibers would successfully make my brows appear thicker. 

To try it out, I went in with the "Soft Black" shade and to my surprise, the color was a good match. The spoolie was also just small enough to comb through the tiniest of hairs. 

What left me most impressed was that the formula didn't smear after I accidentally rubbed my forehead, which is a problem I often have with other brow products. 

This will definitely be in my lineup for my next glam.

Madeline Hirsch, Sr. News Editor

Madeline Hirsch

Madeline Hirsch

My brows are pretty dark, so, much like Huda herself, I've struggled with pigmented brow gels. Often, the color is too much (or, even worse, too light) for my black-brown hair, which is why I usually opt for a clear gel. Full 'N Fluffy in Soft Black, however, is a rare exception. The shade is perfect for anyone with dark brows who wants some added definition and color that's not an inky black. After just a few swipes (this product is a time-saving dream) my brows were fluffy and full. Plus, the formula is long-lasting—my brows stayed put all day.

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