Huda Beauty Will Launch 3 New Products to Give You "#FauxFilter" Skin

Better than your favorite Snapchat filter.

Huda Beauty, foundation

Huda Beauty/ Design by Claire Cohen

Huda Kattan, makeup artist, influencer, and founder has racked up over 2 million followers on her personal Instagram so we trust she knows a thing or two about makeup that looks good on and off the app. Well, the upcoming addition to her beauty empire promises to do just that. The waitlist is open now for the #FauxFilter Skin Finish Foundation Stick ($39), a light but buildable coverage foundation that blurs skin and gives you that a filter-like finish.

Huda Beauty, Foundation Stick
Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation Stick $39.00

Huda’s skincare line, WISHFUL, was actually the inspiration behind this brand, "I felt a new sense of confidence in my own skin!" she tells via Byrdie exclusively. "[So we created] a lighter coverage foundation for those days when full beat just isn’t necessary...I still live for my classic full-beat glam moments, but my preference has evolved over time and I’d say my foundation coverage preference is more situational now." A foundation and perspective that couldn’t be more fitting for our new norm. 

Huda Beauty, Primer
Huda Beauty Water Jelly Foundation Primer $33.00

Of course, we asked for a few tips for wearing this foundation with a mask. The key? Kattan says prepping and setting. "We actually launching our new Water Jelly Foundation Primer ($33) alongside #FauxFilter Skin Finish Foundation Sticks that is incredible for hydrating the skin and creating the perfect base for application!" she says of the new hydrating primer perfect for longwear prep. 

To set, she shares a classic technique that will come in handy. "Once your foundation is applied, I highly suggest baking your face and/or using a setting spray to really keep everything in place!" Kattan explains. If you’re not familiar with baking, sorry it doesn’t involve cookies, but it’s almost as good. Essentially, it's the process of applying a bit of extra powder to select areas of the face and letting it sit for a few moments before brushing off the excess. 

"The amazing thing about our foundation sticks is that they are fragrance-free, water/sweat/humidity-resistant, and non-comedogenic." The beauty boss adds, "So when you’re breathing into your mask you don’t have to worry about inhaling any strong perfume which can cause a headache, nor do you have to worry about a formula that clogs the pores when humidity and sweat are building up in your mask."

Huda Beauty, Foundation Sticks
 Huda Beauty/ Design by Claire Cohen

Let’s get into the formula which she describes as buttery and weightless. "It glides onto the skin seamlessly with incredible playtime before it sets. It’s not chalky or cakey and is so easy to use. It also holds its pigment as you work it into the skin and doesn’t go completely sheer, which I’ve noticed a lot of products we’ve tested do. This is super buildable, whereas I've found that a lot of existing foundation sticks are hard to reapply afterward or to build up coverage."

Huda Beauty, makeup brush
Huda Beauty Build and Buff Foundation Brush $33.00

After hearing all this, I was more than ready to test it out. For skin prep, Kattan recommended exfoliating, moisturizing, and priming for best results. I prepped my skin with the Water Jelly Foundation Primer as per instructions, which left my skin feeling hydrated and slightly tacky for foundation application. I buffed it in with the Face Build and Buff Foundation Brush ($33) "in a circular motion for the best finish!" Another helpful tip from Kattan: You can use a sponge instead for lighter coverage or, "You can also apply the product directly onto the skin, blending it in with your fingers if you prefer an even lighter, BB cream-like finish!"


Chinea Rodriguez
 Chinea Rodriguez


Chinea Rodriguez
 Chinea Rodriguez

The foundation glided on smoothly and blended out just as well. The coverage was light and surprisingly natural without feeling sticky or heavy—it feels like nothing at all. My skin still looked hydrated and natural even after I went back in with more coverage for some hyperpigmentation. The stick formula made the application foolproof, and it was easy to just tap it on in areas where I needed coverage without adding too much product. While the Build and Buff brush is already my new favorite tool, I'm looking forward to wearing this foundation, again and again perfecting Huda's tips for even more natural coverage.

You can grab Huda Beauty's latest online at (sign up for the waitlist in the meantime) and beginning October 21. Available in-store at Sephora beginning November 1.

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