Huda Kattan Taught Me 5 Makeup Tricks Over Zoom—And They're All About Brows

Including what it was like developing Huda Beauty's first brow pencil.

Huda Kattan


It’s hard to fathom that Huda Beauty debuted just eight years ago. Under founder Huda Kattan’s leadership, the brand has cemented its status as one of the fastest-growing beauty companies with 47 million Instagram followers (and counting) to show for it. While Huda Beauty initially launched with faux lashes, it has steadily expanded its offerings to include a plethora of cosmetics and tools (over 100, to be exact). In the last year alone, the brand has rolled out some impressive launches like its #FauxFilter collection, which boasts the Luminous Matte Foundation and Skin Finish Foundation Stick. But, the one category the brand has yet to dabble in is brows—until now.

Today, the brand is unveiling its #BombBrows Micro Shade Brow Pencil. Kattan joined me on a Zoom call to discuss the brand’s entrance into brows, and naturally, I was entranced by her beautifully full and fluffy brows during the whole conversation. Like many of us, Kattan’s brows have been through many evolutions. Early on in her beauty journey, she preferred a skinnier brow. Then, she transitioned to the defined and polished look of the trendy Instagram brow. Now, Kattan likes for them to have a homegrown and natural feel. And that’s exactly what inspired this launch. Brimming with eagerness, Kattan filled me in on what it was like developing Huda Beauty’s first brow pencil, her tried and true brow tips, and the beauty lessons she’s learned during her career. Keep scrolling to read everything Kattan had to say.

The Pencil's Tip Sets it Apart

#BombBrows Micro Shade Brow Pencil
Huda Beauty #BombBrows Micro Shade Brow Pencil $17.00

With so many brow products on the market, Kattan knew that if the brand was going to dive into the category, they had to offer beauty lovers something new and different. "Over the last three years, we worked on trying to get a tip that was really fine," Kattan explains. Through the development process, she realized that using an ultra-fine tip is the key to achieving the most realistic hair-like strokes. The pencil's final version boasts a 0.9mm tip that allows you to precisely define, shape, and fill your brows. In addition to the design, Kattan and her team made sure the product contained high-quality ingredients. The smudge-proof and transfer-proof formula is infused with a creamy blend of vitamin E, castor oil, and coconut oil to nourish your brows long after applying the pencil.

Choose Your Shade Based on Your Desired Look

The #BombBrows Micro Shade Brow Pencil is available in eight shades, ranging from soft black to warm blonde. One of Kattan’s pro tips is that she switches up the shade she uses depending on the shape she wants to create with her brows. "Depending on if I want to do the feather brow or the block brow, that dictates the shade," Kattan says. "If you want to do something that's going to be more of a block brow, you should probably use a shade that's a little bit lighter than your natural hair. But if I'm actually creating hair-like strokes, I go as dark as possible."

Celebrate All Types of Brows

Over the last few years, we've noticed a departure from the overly-sculpted Instagram brow and the adoption of the fluffy, less-perfected brow. Kattan welcomes this change. "I think people are tired of having to keep one style of brow because we've all had enough of being told to fit into certain beauty ideals," Kattan tells me. "And to be quite frank, most of us didn't fit those beauty ideals for the longest time. I think we're just fed up, so we want the natural. We want to see all beauty and every brow be accepted as well, which is so important."

Brow Maintenance Doesn't Have to be Complicated

When it comes to caring for her brow hairs, Kattan prefers to take a natural and simple approach. "I'm a huge fan of coconut oil and using natural things on your hair follicles," she says. "It's much better than using chemicals. I will mix castor oil or coconut oil, and I actually love to use them on the brows as often as possible. I use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night and do it for my daughter too."

Your Beauty Isn't Defined by "Perfection" 

When asked about how her beauty philosophy has evolved throughout her career, Kattan paused to reflect. "When I started out wearing makeup, it was because I felt a lack of beauty," she shares. "But, the one thing that I realized is that you don't actually need any makeup. I think that's the beauty of it. It's a feeling that it gives you. It's a connection that it creates within you. But it's important to be able to exist without it."

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