Kardashian Fans Are Going Nuts Over This New Beauty Collaboration

Being a part of the Kardashian/Jenner glam squad earns you celebrity status in your own right. Just look at Jen Atkin, Mario Dedivanovic, and Joyce Bonelli: Between the three of them, they have over 5.5 million Instagram followers. And the latest to join the squad, Hrush Achemyan is no exception: the 29-year-old makeup artist boasts 1.5 million Instagram followers, and, more notably, just launched a major collaboration with Tarte Cosmetics—an eye and cheek palette.

"I feel like the reason why I went with Tarte is because, number one, they're cruelty-free," Achemyan told People at the launch for her Tarte x Styled by Hrush Eye & Cheek Palette ($30). "Number two, they gave me complete artistic freedom and they really listened to what I had to say and the story behind the palette. Number three, I just believe in their brand. Even previous to this palette, I loved their products."

Included in the palette are six eyeshadow colors (both matte and shimmery) as well as a neutral coral cheek color that works on all skin tones. So how did Achemyan settle on the the shades? She tells People, "Everyone always asks how I get an eye look and it's like forty different colors that I mixed to get that one eye look. Not everyone has the luxury nor time to do that. [This palette is] those forty colors combined into one that's a perfect blend for you to create whatever eye look you want. It's the transitions that you need in your kit."

Achemyan was discovered by the Kardashian/Jenners on Instagram (what a time to be alive) and has since created jaw-dropping looks on every one of the sisters. Surely a makeup collaboration wasn't that far off of a fantasy for the talented artist, though this collaboration won't last forever: it's limited edition, and you can only purchase one per order. But luckily, unlike any makeup product Kylie puts her name on, this palette is currently still available, so get it while you can!

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