The One Trend You Should Try This Fall, According to This Celebrity MUA

More and more awards are being dictated by the consumers and fans that helped make a brand or celebrity famous. It makes sense, doesn't it? Who better to give an accolade than by the people who support you and your vision?

Revolve, the shopping destination for the laid-back cool girl, hosted its first award show in Los Angeles last week. The online retailer had fans vote for all 17 categories, which covered fashion, celebrity, and beauty, and in true millennial-aimed fashion, broadcasted the ceremony on Facebook live. We love seeing popular clothing retailers house some of the coolest brands in beauty and they are slowly becoming a prime destination for beauty lovers (Revolve carries fan-favorite brands such as Ouai and Rituel de Fille for instance.) It's a great way for brands and influencers to get the visibility they deserve. 

We got a chance to talk with celebrity makeup artist Hrush Achemyan, who was nominated for beauty influencer of the year. She has worked with Shay Mitchell and all of the Kardashians, and we can always count on her to show us killer makeup looks. From her thoughts on what it means to be beautiful to her sharing her must-have products, we got the ultimate scoop. 

See what she has to say below.