Is It Bad to Use the Same Towel on Your Body and Your Face? Derms Answer

We've said it a million times, and we'll say it again: Washing your face is the most important thing to do for your skin. There's just no room for shortcuts (sorry, not sorry), which is why we've broken down the 10 commandments of cleansing and the best cleansers for your skin type, and we've done our research on the best brightening, cream-based, and glycolic acid cleansers. The reality is there's a bunch of barriers that can get in the way of your quest to your best skin yet, one of those being your shower towel. 

Do you dry your body with the same towel you use to dry your face? We get it. Laundry day is a drag. However, this habit could be doing your skin more harm than you think. Allure reports that the bacteria you move from your body onto your face (or vice versa) with your towel is not good. According to dermatologist Sejal Shah, "Bacteria, fungus, dead skin cells, oils and other debris can collect on the towel," which can become the culprit of skin "infections, acne flares, and irritation."