11 Patchwork Pieces That Will Make Your Grandma Proud

Even if you didn't make them yourself.

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I love all sorts of pattern or color mixing, so I specifically love when a single item does that in one fell swoop. I bring you: Patchwork. Patchwork pieces make wearing a jacket or jeans not just wearing a jacket or jeans. It gives you the excuse to still stay neutral or casual (think: a denim tuxedo) but with a little edge. It also allows for a dressier item (think: skirt or dress) to not look like it takes itself too seriously. To help illustrate, scroll down for 11 patchwork pieces, plus styling suggestions.

One Towel or Two?

You can’t think of patchwork without thinking of Bode, who does patchwork so well. These towel jackets—both men’s and women’s (though I prefer the men’s)—are made in the U.S. from 100% cotton. They’d be pretty cool if they were each just made from one towel, but they are so much cooler made from two. Styled with a pair of wool trousers and combat boots, these towels are fit for fall.

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The More Jeans, the Better

One of my favorite places to find patchwork is Etsy, where you can directly chat with sellers and creators to find what you’re looking for. I love this pair because it's simple two-tone denim made from repurposed Levi’s jeans. It's not too elaborate and very versatile. Wear them with a frilly blouse and heels out, or a cozy sweater and sneakers for everyday. 

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A Two-Faced Blazer

Two faced, but in a good way. This blazer is from one of my favorite brands that is working to be sustainable, but also original and wearable, called The Marcon Court Project. Half a Prince of Wales wool blazer and half a tartan dark green and turquoise blazer, this jacket is two really classic pieces joined into one. You can really wear it as you would any classic blazer. I’d style with some pedal pushers and Keds... just a thought.

Patchwork Leggings, a Leisure Blessing

Rave Review is a brand that makes really incredible, very bold patchwork pieces. As leggings are my go-to item for fall (whether or not I like to admit it), these high-rise recycled-cotton patchwork ones are a little bit (okay, a lot bit) cooler than my usual solid black pair. How cute would these be styled with an oversized fisherman sweater and ballet flats?

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Bandana on Bandana

This patchwork bandana jacket is reversible, so you can either have a full multi-bandana cloak or have it peak out from the lining. With all the color involved in this jacket, you can dress it up with a mini satin skirt or wear it casually with neutral sweats.

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And Linen on Linen

If you live in a warm-weather climate or are going on vacation as it’s now getting cooler, these linen pants by Moshood come in sizes small to XXL and three different lengths, so you can be sure you get the right fit. If you like the checkerboard look, these large-scale squares are a really good move. I’d love them dressed up with heels and a silky tank for a beach-side dinner. 

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Thanks, it's Nike

Last spring I bought myself a JJ Vintage tank and it’s one of my favorite pieces, which I also happen to be complimented on the most. Handmade using recycled scraps of T-shirt fabric, a lot of JJ Vintage’s works include brand logos, oftentimes Nike, which give them a sporty edge. And because I love some good contrast, I like styling mine with a voluminous skirt or dressy trousers and a blazer.

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A Five-in-One

Denimcratic is another favorite brand of mine using old tees to make new masterpieces. This incredibly cool mini dress is made from five (five!) recycled pieces, and, therefore, is one-of-a-kind and special. I’d style it with some chic pieces, like black opaque tights and loafers.

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Party Patchwork

I don’t know what happened to me, but ever since the city opened back up, I’ve wanted to wear a mini skirt every time I go out for dinner or drinks because they are so fun. And a patchwork one? That's 10 times the fun. I’d style this with a shrunken cardigan or a solid tee and lady pearls with kitten heels. Once it’s colder, these will all be great with a pair of tights and pumps or boots.

A Silky Situation

There is no sexier silhouette for a trouser than a cigarette pant, and these happen to be patchwork silk and cotton, meaning they’re both fancy shmancy and comfy. They have ankle slits and feature a patch back pocket to show off all of these cool details. I’d pair them with a short blazer and ballet flats and maybe throw on a wide headband for early-aughts vibes.

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Not Your Grandmother's Quilt

This is not a quilt that belongs at the foot of your bed but is cozy enough to fit the bill. This wrap coat is obviously by an NYC-based brand because it solves a lot of the autumnal dressing problems. It's not too heavy but will keep you warm, and looks great cocooned up with the tie belt or left open. I would even suggest you swap the tie belt for a braided leather or gold chain to take this quilt to the next level.

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