18 Ways to Make Neon Makeup Subtle (Yes, Actually)

Like clockwork, neon makeup products started appearing in our Instagram feed, at the store, and on A-listers attending Coachella. And, while there is nothing cooler than a hot pink lip or electric green lid, if we’re being completely honest, we have always found the trend to be a bit intimidating. Nevertheless, when done correctly, neon makeup gives off a casual-cool vibe, which is why we are bound and determined to pull off a neon makeup look just in time for the second weekend of Coachella.

In an attempt to try our hands at a neon beauty product or two, we did a bit of research, courtesy of the runways. Much to our surprise, we now see the trend as a fresh way to update our Coachella look. From a subtle swipe of blue mascara to all-over pink lids and the perfect tangerine lipstick, neon beauty looks are relatively easy to re-create, and a necessity for festival-goers. For the neon makeup looks we can’t wait to wear to Coachella and beyond, click through the slideshow below.