6 Stylish Ways To Wear a Headscarf

Girl wearing headscarf in sunny setting


The resurgence of the Y2K era has made hair claws, butterfly clips, and scrunchies trend once more. But there is one more 2000s hair accessory having a moment: Headscarfs.  Seen on the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa, and Kendall Jenner, these scarfs are geared to make the chicest comeback this season. 

Hair scarves have been around about as long as time itself. For many religious women, particularly Muslim women, the head scarf goes well beyond being a fashion accessory (though many also use it as a means to express their own personal style). It's important to note the prejudice these women face for wearing their headscarves while it remains a consequence-free accessory for non-religious women.

Hair scarfs were also a popular accessory for Old Hollywood actors like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. They were both functional and stylish, and designed to keep hair out of the face. Today, they are used for a similar purpose, to protect the hair against the elements, conceal a less-than-perfect hair day, and instantly elevate a look. Today, scarves are being styled in a variety of ways for just about any purpose.

Of course, there is no shortage of scarf styling inspiration on social media these days. But in case you need an easy-to-digest guide, we've got you covered. Read on for six ways to style your headscarf.


Zendaya wearing an orange headband scarf

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Headscarfs are fun accessories that don't require a lot of styling, especially when worn as a headband. You’ll feel regal when your everyday hairstyle gets upgraded with a playful splash of color. With a large scarf, try a few folds and place it around your forehead, while tying at the nape of your neck. 

Bandana Cover

Dua Lipa wearing a bandana scarf

Dua Lipa

A bandana is one of the most common ways to style a vintage silk scarf. You can wear it as a half headwrap with your hair down or in a low bun. To try at home: Fold your scarf half diagonally to make a triangle. Hold the corners and gently drape the scarf around your head with the point of the triangle aiming down your back. Lastly, tie the scarf at the back of your head. 


Kendall Jenner wearing a silk scarf

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Whether you want to lay low, protect your hair from the wind, or just want some old Hollywood glamour in your life, the Babushka-inspired scarf look is the way to go. Fold your scarf in half pulling one corner over the other, then simple place it over your head and tie it under your chin. The wind has nothing on you today.

Pony Up

Model wearing a scarf on her ponytail at Rag & Bone wunway show

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A headscarf is a perfect accessory, whether you enjoy low or high ponytails. Start by folding your scarf in half diagonal to make a triangle. Then fold the point of the triangle, so you are holding the straight edge. From the opposite side, roll the scarf in until you have a long, even band. Some scarves feature their own scrunchie and do all the heavy lifting for you.


Rihanna wearing a silk scarf

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Similar to the bandana style, tying your headscarf like a turban allows it to cover the majority of your head. Some turban-style scarves even feature decoy strips of fabric to trick the eye into thinking a knot was tied at the back of the head.

Braid It In

Tracee Ellis Ross wearing a scarf braided in her hair

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Braid in a scarf to add a pop of color and volume. To achieve this look at home: fold your scarf and divide your hair into three sections for braiding. Next, tie your folded scarf once around the middle section of your hair and add two ends to two side strands. Start braiding and secure the ends with a hair tie. Pro tip: Finding a thinner scarf will make this process a lot easier, though this look can be accomplished with just about any scarf you have.

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