Here's How to Pull Off Hair Accessories, Even If You Aren't a Hair Accessories Person

Whatever your hair type or texture.

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The hype around hair accessories sees no signs of waning anytime soon, but what if you're not a hair accessories person? Your bejeweled-less hair could feel a little lonesome. The secret to becoming a hair accessories person is to wear the hair accessories, not let them wear you. In other words, keep it simple, subtle and most importantly, choose a clip, band, scarf or scrunchie that you feel comfortable in. As celebrity hairstylist Dhiran Mistry quite rightly notes, "There are a million and one ways to use accessories and so many to choose from."

A cleverly placed hair accessory is also your friend when it comes to distracting from unwashed hair. "All of these looks can be created on clean or dirty hair, using a curling iron or wand beforehand if you want to tighten the look," he adds.

Giovanni Vaccaro, Glamsquad Artistic Director, agrees, noting that freshly-washed hair can even be a hindrance. "If your hair is freshly washed, it most likely feels soft so accessories tend to move or loosen, especially for my fine-haired gals."

Vaccaro suggests adding some texture to your strands first. "Use Glamsquad's Untamed Texturizing Spray ($22) to spray the root of your hair, as well as the accessory," he says. "This creates grit and keeps things in place!"

Another good tip when working with clips and barrettes? "I always recommend working in odd numbers," says Vaccaro. "Why? Well, it just looks better to the human eye. So think in 3's, 5's and even 7's!"


Left: Tortware Jade Clip in Classic Tortoiseshell ($26). Right: Cora Clip in Persian Turquoise ($26).

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Keep It Simple and Be Guided By Your Wardrobe

"Fall is a great time to dress up a simple outfit with cute and trendy hair accessories," says Millie Morales, Garnier Celebrity Brand Consultant.

Asos Design headband
ASOS Twist braid headband in blush pink and black velvet $13

"I always pick my outfit out first and then try on different hair accessories like hats, headbands or clips."

Donni hairclip
Donni Large Mixed Pearl Barrette $74

"What I love about hair accessories is that your hair doesn’t have to be perfect or styled," says Morales. "You can simply add a clip or wear a headband and it’ll complete your look."


Check out cool Aussie brand Valet Studio's hair accessory offering here.

Accessorize Your Parting

"Let’s start with an easy and simple look," says Morales. "Part your hair in the middle and apply a stylish clip on each side. You don’t have to have your hair styled and think about it so much, which is why I love this look."

Tortware Cora Clip in Auburn Tortoiseshell $25

Add a Scarf

"I think one of my most favorite, natural-looking things to do is to add material to your ponytail," says Mistry. "A high ponytail is a great option for day two or day three hair. Hair that isn't clean will have the most texture on the ends, so pulling back your hair in a messy pony will hide your roots. Then use a piece of cloth, fabric or a silk scarf to tie a bow over your hair elastic, or even weave it into a braid, for a look that's super easy and very effective."

Free People Scarf
Free People Mixed Menswear Scarf Pony $18

Pop on a Headband

"Headbands are also extremely current at the moment and you will see a ton of girls using them not only to complete an outfit but also to help keep hair off the face," says Mistry. "And they come in a million colors and styles!"


Headband from Accessorize; see similar styles here.

Justine Marjan x Kitsch Patent Headband with Chain ($39)

Play with Jewelry

You can also pin all kinds of jewelry into your hair, from chains to brooches. "Jewelry is a quick and fun way to add a stylish look to a ponytail or braid," says Mistry. "A thin necklace or chain wrapped around the base of the ponytail can make it look very chic."

Justine Marjan


Stack Bobby Pins

"You can buy a lot of bobby pins with jewels, or even without. I always liked the look of a few bobby pins stacked closely together to hold the hair off the face and placed above the ear on a hairline," says Mistry. "These ones from Kitsch x Justine are super fun and great for so many different occasions."

Justine x MyKitsch
Kitsch X Justine Icon Rhinestone Bobby Pin $29

Try Elevated Scrunches

"These scrunchies with bows already attached to them are so easy to use," remarks Mistry.

Free People Bow Scrunchies
Free People Spots Scrunchie $8

Claw an Easy Updo

"What's chicer than a French twist? A French twist with a gold claw clip," says Vaccaro. "Take your hair into one section and keep twisting, holding your thumb at the base to collect the hair, continuing to wrap it into a twist. Use a claw clip to hold your DIY twist in place. Voilà!"

Kitsch Open Shape Claw Clip - Gold $9

 Go Small

"Butterfly clips can be used in all shapes and sizes and can easily be scattered throughout the hair," suggests Mistry. We do love a nineties vibe.

Urban Outfitters Butterfly Clips
Urban Outfitters Vintage Mini Butterfly Hair Clip Set $10

Add a Flash of Floral

"If you want to take it to the next level, add flowers to your hair," suggests Morales. "I love creating my own flower bands. I hot glue flowers to a headband or pins and add them to the side of my hair. It’s a fun way to dress up any look!"

Matches flower hair pin
Philippa Craddock Blossom faux-flower hairpin $206

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