11 Fresh and Cool Ways to Wear Denim on Denim

It's classic.

woman in denim on denim outfit


Ah, the Canadian tuxedo. After decades of relentless taunting, it’s finally made its way back into the trend cycle as a stylish way to wear denim on denim. But how do you pull off double denim without looking (or feeling) like you’re in a western? It’s all in the styling. 

If you’re looking to dip your toe in the trend, the most classic iteration of the outfit is a great place to start. Its foundation is the perfect indigo wash, often in the form of rigid, straight-leg jeans. And though the most modern complement to that is a denim jacket or shirt in a matching wash, there aren’t any must-follow fashion rules here. You can take a note from influencer and brand strategist Kellie Brown and pair yours with an oversized light-wash denim jacket, or swap out the jeans for a midi-length skirt and top it off with a denim vest or button-down. You don’t have to go full-denim in the form of jeans and a chambray shirt to nail the look. 

To figure out the best double-denim outfit formula for you, start with the item you usually find trickiest to style and use it as your foundation. Once you decide on the star of your outfit—be it a denim bra, à la stylist Mecca James-Williams, or an embroidered denim collar like influencer Molly Blutstein, add in pieces that ground the look like a white tee or a pair of square-toe mules. Ahead, 11 ways to style denim on denim without feeling the least bit costume-like.

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Denim Bra

woman in denim on denim outfit

@meccajw / Instagram

Stylist Mecca James-Williams is known for the way she makes staple pieces feel multidimensional. Here, she nails a subtle denim-on-denim look with a Malia Mills bra top and Levi’s jeans, offset with a long shirtdress from Jacquemus. 

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Matching Selvedge Denim

woman in denim jacket and denim jeans

@xasiahx / Instagram

If you choose a coordinating top and denim, like in this selvedge wash, it tricks the eye into thinking you’re wearing a jumpsuit. 

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Denim Corset and Jeans

woman in denim corset and jeans


This look, from Sami Miro’s vintage line, isn’t for the faint of heart. Still, it’s a great way to see that denim hues can be slightly mismatched for the look to work.

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Denim Collar and Jeans

woman in denim collar and jeans

@accidentalinfluencer / Instagram

Influencer Molly Blutstein demonstrates the power of a good accessory, like this denim collar from Ganni

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Black Denim on Black Denim

woman in black denim on black denim outfit

@amandakater / Instagram

Double black denim may not be the most traditional take on the Canadian tuxedo, but it absolutely counts in our book. Try to find blacks with a similar wash for a less casual look. 

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Mix Dark and Light Denin

woman in denim on denim outfit


Light denim on top of darker denim is a tried-and-true outfit formula. Keep the look casual with a white tee and sneakers. 

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Contrasting Denim Top

woman in contrasting denim top outfit

@andrea_kyriakou / Instagram

A contrasting denim top, like this oversized style from Mango, offers a fun pairing for any denim bottoms. 

The more you can avoid cleaning your denim, the better. According to experts, if your jeans don't have an odor or any stains, consider them "clean" and save yourself the wash.

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Denim Vest and Jeans

woman in denim vest and jeans

@mariabernad / Instagram

Both pieces in this outfit feel inherently busy thanks to the patchwork, but when worn together, the look feels grounded. 

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White Denim on White Denim

woman in White Denim on White Denim

@ta.shiya / Instagram

Double white-denim is an excellent way for minimalists to try out the trend. Here, Australian influencer Tash paired hers with a white tank and sandals for a genuinely monochromatic look. 

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Denim Shirt and Shorts

womna in Denim Shirt and Shorts

@sarah_loves_this / Instagram

If you’re looking to bring the Canadian tuxedo into the summer, denim
shorts are a great place to start. Try mixing black shorts with a
chambray shirt for a casual yet put-together look. 

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Denim Skirt and Denim Shirt

woman in Denim Skirt and Denim Shirt

@meganadelaide / Instagram

Yes, double denim works in skirt form, too. Pair a midi skirt with a contrast hem with a cream-colored denim top for a fun, bold look. 

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