5 Unexpected Ways to Wear a Unitard

Versatility is the name of the game.

how to wear unitard

Erika Veurink

All hail the versatility of the jumpsuit. It’s not groundbreaking to point out the dozens of combinations that make the single piece of clothing a win in almost every wardrobe. But what is worth pointing out is its athleisure cousin—the unitard. It’s a modern take on the '80s aerobic classic, and nobody does it like Wear One’s At. Founded in 2019, the brand’s mission is “to support a lifestyle driven by activity with the desire to feel really good while doing it.” The cuts on basics like sports bras and bike shorts feel just the right amount of sexy without distracting from the performance of the pieces. A total win-win.

But what makes this unitard so special? It starts with the material, which is lined (read as: you’re supported) and not overtly athletic (read as: not shiny). Sure, if you’re actually intending on wearing this piece to the gym, be my guest. But where the outfit really shines is in the real world. As winter settles in, layering has never felt so appealing. Read on for outfit formulas to get you inspired to slip into a unitard of your own.

Here I am wearing Wear One's At's Liberty Unitard ($180) with my favorite vintage blazer and boots.

Liberty Unitard
Wear One's At Liberty Unitard $180.00

Layer It Up

Let’s start with the facts: This unitard doubles as a really fabulous bodysuit. Pair it with pants, avoiding cropped lengths, and you’ve got yourself a night-out look fresh from pilates. The low back of the unitard feels sophisticated. Worn with charming, patent heels and a cheeky bag, the look is the ideal balance of glamour and unlikely details. Finish off the look with a hand-made pearl necklace and you’re set for dinner.

Wear as Pants

Another fact: The unitard doubles as a really fantastic pair of leggings. Wear with any other blouse you’d pair with black, tight pants. It’s best to stick to oversized or cropped silhouettes for this outfit, as anything in the middle can feel a little uncomfortable. Tall boots are your best friend for giving this unitard a sense of formality. Complete the look with a wide collar shirt, a big coat, and fun earrings. There might not be a more comfortable outfit for rolling up to a family holiday event.

Add a Blazer

Take notes from the unitard’s glory days in the '80s and pair the look with a blazer. This doesn’t have to mean boxy or heavy on the shoulder pads, necessarily. Stick to a streamlined silhouette by opting for a closer cut blazer, like this impossible to forget feather number from Into The Night. Sunglasses with a customized nameplate add a touch of the decade’s decadence. A lime green bag completes the look, which friends will hardly believe started with an athleisure staple.

Go Full Sporty

So you’re actually looking to take the unitard on a workout? Fine. Here’s the formula. Think big, pushed down socks for the freezing walk home from the gym. Then add unapologetically comfortable dad shoes. Even if you’re just taking a short walk, you won’t regret the comfort. Opt for a long sleeve shirt over the unitard if you’re outdoors. Double up with a crewneck sweatshirt you can leisurely tie around your shoulders if it's not as cold as you expected. Top the look off with a baseball hat that feels a little more elevated than one from the Yankees.

Opt for Boots

This unitard is the secret weapon to wearing the over-the-knee boots you bought at a Barneys sample sale in undergrad. Keep the rest of the look lowkey with a trendy zip-up sweater in black. This Theory puffer vest is the layer you never knew you needed. Another unsung benefit of the unitard is the warmth it offers without adding bulk. Keep the look from feeling too “all black everything” with this teal bag from Dooz.

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