How I Get Away With Only Washing My Fine, Straight Hair Once a Week


Paley Fairman

Six months ago, I put up a story on Byrdie about how I've cut my morning hair routine down to five minutes. A strong affinity for sleep and general lack of patience have rendered a lightning-fast hair regimen necessary, and in the spirit of wanting more sleep and productivity for all, I offered my real-life secrets for making sure your styling routine never gets in the way of your life. I also filmed a Facebook Live video, where I challenged myself to go from bedhead to presentable with a five-minute timer running. (I'd say I was moderately successful at this.)

In the video, I mentioned that I never wash my hair in the morning, which saves me tons of time—in fact, these days, I generally only wash it once a week. This seemed like a fairly benign statement to me, but viewers had a lot of opinions—especially considering the texture of my hair, which is fine and straight (read: prone to looking greasy). One viewer asked how on Earth I can go a week without shampooing and not have my hair look like an oily nightmare. "You lost me when you said you only wash your hair once per week," another commented. "Nope, not my cup of tea."

But other readers were more curious than appalled (and I thank you dearly for that). One asked if I could explain a little more about my weekly haircare routine so that is exactly what I'm doing. Keep scrolling to learn more about why I only wash my hair once a week (and what I use when I do)!