6 Tricks Beauty Editors Use to Wake Up on Time

There’s nothing worse than the fury that overtakes your body the minute you open your eyes and realize you’re already late. It’s the kind of anxiety that doesn’t go away once you’re safely at your desk but rather marinates all day long while you actively attempt to return to normalcy. In an effort to leave such frustrating troubles behind, I asked the rest of the Byrdie team for help, advice, and a little bit of therapy on the subject. They obliged, and I soon realized that we all have had to work hard to consistently wake up refreshed and without stress. Needless to say, the phrase “I’m not a morning person” came up a lot.

So without further ado, these habits are our tried-and-true ways to keep it together. Follow each short step to get a good night’s sleep—and make it to work on time without going totally nuts. Because, truthfully, we’ve all been there.

How do you make sure you wake up refreshed? Let us know your best habits in the comments below.