How to Wake Up Without Feeling Sluggish

In our never-ending list of things we dislike, waking up early is right up there with airplane snorers and the end of summer Fridays. It’s not so much the early wake-up call, though, as it is the groggy, zombie-like state that comes with it. You know the feeling: that sluggish, exhausted “I’d give up my life savings to sleep for 10 more minutes” state of alertness (or rather lack thereof) that usually accompanies early mornings—or, like, every morning.

By now, we’ve mastered how to fall asleep more quickly, so why shouldn’t we also know how to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed? To help us in this quest, we enlisted Dr. Britney Blair, psychologist and sleep expert at SleepRate (an app that aims to help people sleep better), to show us the light (literally, it turns out). Keep scrolling to find out all the things you should do to wake up feeling more alert!