The Super-Stealthy Mascara Trick Makeup Artists Say Can Change Your Eyes


Fact: We'll do just about anything for lashes that look similar, if not even just remotely similar, to those adorning the eyes of celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Margot Robbie. Alas, since we'll never be able to physically transplant their eyes onto our own faces (laughing, but also 100% serious), the next best thing is taking notes whenever we hear product and application tips from their go-to makeup artists.

This exact situation happened recently when we stumbled upon an eye-opening report from Allure, in which makeup artists swear that using not one but two tubes of mascara is the secret to creating absolutely irresistible lashes—curled, defined, eye-catching, and natural-looking to boot. However, there's more to the technique than just using any two mascaras willy-nilly. No, no—there's most definitely some strategy involved. Curious to find out how to double up on your mascara application in the name of a celeb- and makeup artist–approved flutter? Keep reading!

1. For Long-Lasting Curl

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For megawatt volume and curl (buh-bye, eyelash droop!), makeup artists like Mally Roncal swear by adding a layer of your normal mascara on top of a layer of waterproof mascara. By using this tactic, your curl is sure to stay intact all day—and night—while, of course, looking pristinely natural. So easy, eh?

2. For the Most Believable Color

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Perhaps you've heard before that using a brown swipe (or five) of mascara in lieu of black—especially if you have fair skin or hair—can provide a more natural-looking lash payoff. However, according to celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff (who works with Margot Robbie and Priyanka Chopra on the regular), there's a bit more strategy involved. She suggests using black mascara on your upper lashes while only switching to brown for the lower. This, she says, adds an extra hit of definition to your gaze. If you're one of the people who hates using mascara on your lower lashes, try switching out the applicator for a sparser one.

3. For a Truly Mesmerizing Gaze

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Intimidated by Technicolor mascaras? Fear not. You're definitely not alone. That said, according to lash wiz Dubroff, experimenting with a hint of gemstone-inspired hues (aka not going all the candy-colored way your very first time) can still have maximum impact. Dubroff told Allure she likes to apply a coat of black mascara as step one before pressing a shade like burgundy (or violet!) onto only the very fine tips of the lashes or just the base of the lashline. According to her, the impact is subtle, but it still calls attention to your eyes. Jackpot. 

4. For That Clumped Look

buxom lash volumizing mascara
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The trick to achieving that coveted Instagram-friendly mascara look where lashes are perfectly clumped is actually well within your reach. Specifically, it's at the end of a pointed mascara wand. Use the tip of a different mascara with a thin or tapered wand to create your own clumps of mascara instead of applying endless coats and hoping for the best.

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