Katie Jane Hughes Tells Us 5 Secrets She Uses For Her Signature Dewy Glow

Katie Jane Hughes and I go way back. Back in the mid-noughties when I was a newcomer to the backstage beauty circuit during London Fashion Week, I would always look forward to getting tips and tricks from Katie behind the scenes. In fact, quite a few of us beauty journalists had total talent-crushes on Katie, who was as cool and knowledgeable back then as she is now. Thankfully, Instagram came along, and now she's able to share her many pearls of beauty wisdom with her 316k-strong followers every day. (If you aren't one of those followers, check out her Instagram account @katiejanehughes here. You won't be disappointed.)

Part of Katie's success is that she was championing the dewy, healthy skin look way back when Instagram was filled with matte, contoured faces. She was offering something different and, for many of us, more relatable and wearable. Her IG bio simply reads, "Shine in all the right places!"

Any makeup artist will agree that skin prep is key to great makeup; the better our skin is, the better our makeup will look. Katie knows this all too well, so when she shares her makeup looks on her Instagram stories, she puts as much importance on the skin prep as she does on sharing the intricate how-to details of the makeup looks themselves. But, what's fun is that she incorporates actual skincare into her makeup looks, too (it makes sense why cult UK skincare brand Elemis would make her its Glow Expert). Below, Katie shares five clever ways to incorporate skincare into your makeup looks to ensure you reach peak glow, but still keep that shine to all the right places. Keep scrolling and start glowing...

Katie Jane Hughes


Moisturize for the Ultimate Glow

"Moisturizer gives a great sheen, so apply this to the high points of your face before any makeup—wherever you want the glow to be highest throughout the day. Rub in very lightly to keep a little shine on the surface of the skin. Then apply a tiny bit—the residue that's on your fingertips—to the T-zone, where you are more likely to go naturally shiny throughout the day. By doing this, you are essentially manipulating how the makeup will go on and last. When applying moisturizer, you want to think of what certain zones of your face are going to do throughout the day and accommodate to that."

Elemis Peptide4 day Cream
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Get Mixing to Get Glowing

"This one leaves you with juicy, plump skin—my favorite words for describing skin! Pop a drop of oil into your foundation and use your makeup brush to swirl it into a whole new texture. It gives a really dewy look."

Elemis Superfood Facial Oil
Elemis Superfood Facial Oil $55

DIY a Glossy Stain

"You can make the perfect lip and cheek color by mixing a red lipstick, or whatever favorite lip color you have that’s opaque and matte, with a little bit of face oil. Mix the two together on the back of your hand and use it like a stain. But it will be a glowy, sheen-y stain!"

Katie Jane Hughes


Mist with Purpose

"Take your face mist and sweep spritz it down the face in a vertical motion, and across the cheekbones. You want to hit the high points where you would like the light to reflect the most!"

Try an Easy Eye Gloss

"If you’ve always wanted to try eye gloss, use a shiny moisturizer or rich, emollient cream with a waterproof mascara. Now you have a free eye gloss situation!"

Chanel Waterproof Mascara
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