Hold Up: Have We Been Using Makeup Remover Wipes All Wrong?


The File

While we (and most experts) don't recommend using makeup-remover wipes on a day-to-day basis, we'd be lying if we said that they weren't one of the most glorious beauty inventions of our time. Whether we're traveling, need some quick touching up, or are too tired to even fathom taking three minutes to properly cleanse the day away, there's nothing easier than cleaning up a cat eye or removing an entire face of makeup with just a few deft swipes.

That being said, while wipes are the ultimate in convenience, there's actually a proper method to using them, beyond just rapidly mopping your complexion and calling it a day. In fact, using makeup-remover wipes incorrectly can result in breakouts and dry, flaky skin—issues that kind of negate the ease of using wipes in the first place, no? 

What are your go-to makeup-removal wipes? Call them out in the comments below!