8 Lipsticks That Look Even Cooler on Your Eyelids

Finding makeup hacks that both cut down on the time I have to spend staring at my mug in the morning and wind up yielding extra compliments is my ultimate ambition, both as a beauty editor and as an everyday human who survives on praise and praise alone. This motivation is why my heart quickened during an interview I did last year with up-and-coming model Iris Law (the stunning 17-year-old daughter of Jude). The young model was discussing her new campaign with Burberry Beauty when she shared with me this secret trick: Her favorite way to use the brand's Liquid Lip Velvet is actually as a cream eye shadow. I instantly tried the clever hack myself, and in the year since, lipstick as eye shadow (lidstick as I like to call it) has become something of my signature look.

When listing the things I love about this technique, where should I begin? First of all, it makes eye makeup application effortless, as you can dab the product straight from the tube or applicator onto your lid and blend out with your finger—no brushes needed. The products are always more pigmented than most traditional cream eye shadows, so you barely need any to guarantee a statement-making look. And because pink, red, and orange eye shadows are so in right now, the natural palette of lip products lends itself perfectly. Every time I wear the same lip product on both my eyes and lips, creating a cool monochromatic vibe, the compliments roll in all day.

Not all lipsticks work as eye shadows, but after a year of experimenting, I have discovered eight that do. Keep scrolling to shop my favorite lipsticks to use as liquid eye shadows.