Hair Mousse Is About to Make a Huge Comeback—No, Really

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Updated 07/18/17
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We doubt we were alone in marveling over Margot Robbie's beauty look at the Oscars last night (what else is new?), but our intrigue doubled when we learned what exactly went into putting the 'do together. To create the actress's "soft and modern" waves, stylist Renato Campora relied on a product that we typically never associate with the words soft or modern: a foaming mousse.

Our surprise actually stemmed from the fact that this is the second time we've heard a top stylist mention mousse in a single week. During a cut-and-style sesh last week with Mark Townsend—stylist to Rachel McAdams, Dakota Johnson, and Bella Hadid, among others—he worked a decent amount of Dove's Style+Care Whipped Cream Mousse ($5) into my thick waves, declaring that it was the only product I really needed to style my new chop. Considering my most recent memories of foaming mousse date back to about 2003, when I went through the "wet look" crunchy-curls phase of the early aughts, I was floored—and even more so when my current waves were defined and touchably soft after drying.

"The best new mousse formulas are flexible and encourage natural texture without any crunch," he explained. Exhibit A: my impossibly thick waves, finally tamed into frizz-free submission without losing any of their character. Exhibits B, C, and D: Margot Robbie, Emily Ratajkowski, and Chrissy Teigen, whose Oscars hairdos all involved mousse. (And the best part of the product's new go-around? There are all kinds of more natural and plant-based formulas available, rather than just straight aerated chemicals.)

So if this is what the second coming of mousse looks like, we're obviously on board—like skinny scarves and chokers, count this as yet another new and improved millenium-era trend.

R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse $29
Sachajuan Hair Mousse $31
Giovanni Hair Styling Foam $18
Dove Whipped Cream Mousse $5
Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse $27
Oribe Tousled Texture Mousse $38
Matrix Total Results High Amplify Foam Volumizer $16

Do you use mousse? Are there any other hair products that you'd like to see "new and improved"? Click here for more reasons why you shoud use mousse in your haircare routine.

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