9 Ways Baking Soda Will Elevate Your Beauty Routine


The Chriselle Factor

As much as we'd all like to indulge in regular spa days, time and money don't always allow for it. Luckily, the key to a head-to-toe spa session you can indulge in within the comforts of your very own home might be in your pantry—and it only costs a dollar. If baking soda isn't already on your beauty radar, it's time to get on board with the kitchen staple. We're familiar with baking soda's multifunctional purpose—it makes our homemade baked goods possible, and it pulls double duty by absorbing odors in our fridge—but it can also cure a laundry list of beauty woes—leaving us with smoother skin, silkier hair, and whiter teeth—all sans the expensive spa treatment price tag.

Keep scrolling to discover nine ways to incorporate baking soda into your beauty routine.