How to Use a Beautyblender, According to a Makeup Artist

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The Beautyblender is a modern-day phenomenon. Not since Shu Uemura’s eyelash curlers or the launch if the Clarisonic has a tool caused quite a stir. The Beautyblender is loved by the world’s biggest makeup artists, including Mario Dedivanovic, who uses it on the Kardashian sisters, and it’s a constant on Instagram (the hashtag #beautyblender has been used well over 800,000 times). But how do you know if you are using your Beautyblender correctly?

Ahead, Beautyblender's global makeup artist Aline Elasmar and celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney share exactly how to use a Beautyblender.

Meet the Expert

  • Tobi Henney is a makeup artist based in New York City. Her client roster includes the likes of Ashley Graham, Barbara Palvin, Charlotte Lawrence, and more. She previously served as L'Oréal Paris Makeup Director for Australia.
  • Aline Elasmar is a global makeup artist for the Beautyblender brand, specializing in product education.

From This Video

Step One: Prime Your Skin

Before blending your foundation with a Beautyblender, BB cream, or CC cream, Henney recommends priming the skin with a luminous formula, like this makeup artist-approved option from Laura Mercier. Silicone-free and gentle for all skin types, this skin-dewer will enhance your natural glow before segueing into your foundation routine.

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer
Laura Mercier Primer
Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer $39.00

Step Two: Dampen Your Beautyblender

According to Elasmar, all Beautyblenders should be used damp, and this is essentially a non-negotiable, “Your Beautyblender should always be used wet. You'll know your Beautyblender is in perfect condition when it has expanded to twice its original size,” she adds.

Step Three: Squeeze Out Any Excess Water

"It's really important that you don't use the Beautyblender dry because it will eat up your makeup product," says Henney. "Just dampen it under water and squeeze out any excess liquid... you just want it so it's a little bit damp. You don't want it dripping water." A quick tip is to invest in a few sponges so you have a few at the ready and you're not waiting on your favorite makeup applicator to dry before heading out to your next big event.

original beautyblender
Beautyblender Original Beautyblender $20.00

Step Four: Bounce, Don't Drag

Elasmar recommends that you avoid dragging the blender across your face. Instead, “bouncing the sponge allows for seamless blending (with no streaks or lines of demarcation) and the most product payoff on the skin. You can either use the tip or base for bouncing.”

Henney also likes to use the bounce method to create a more natural finish. "I like to just put the foundation onto my hand, and then I bounce the Beautyblender onto the product," she says. Working from the center of the face-outward, "I just do soft bouncing motions, and it really pushes the product into the skin. It will make your foundation look natural." Bounce is the namesake for the brand's first-ever foundation, after all.

Step Five: Fine Tune With the Pointed End of Your Beautyblender

The Beautyblender has always stood out due to its playful color and unique design, which has always been intentional. Elasmar says, “The pointed end is designed to cover blemishes; blend hard-to-reach places like around the nose and mouth; and to apply the product on the apples of the cheek. The base should be used for applying and blending products on larger areas of the face. It can also be used to apply powders for ‘baking’ and bronzing.” The Beautyblender also comes in a smaller size (appropriately named The Micro Mini) for precision concealing, contouring, and highlighting. Use the same technique as your Beautyblender: Wet, squeeze, and bounce.

How to Care for Your Beautyblender

“Using a liquid or solid Blendercleanser, swirl and compress a wet Beautyblender, working into a lather, and repeat if necessary. Gently squeeze your Beautyblender and rinse it again to remove any excess cleanser and water. Finally, squeeze away excess water with a towel and set your Beautyblender out to dry completely in a clean, well-ventilated area to re-use. You can use the lid of the canister as a drying pedestal,” adds Elasmar. If you want to avoid unwanted breakouts, don't even think about skipping this step. We're serious. Fit this new cleansing routine into your schedule weekly (or bi-weekly, we won't judge) and it'll soon feel less like a chore.

Beautyblender Cleanser
Beautyblender BlendedCleanser $13.00

You should remember to replace your blender every three months, just like your toothbrush or mascara.

Unlock Your Beautyblender's Secret Uses

  • Apply eyeshadow: You can use your Beautyblender to apply eyeshadow. “Create an easy, pulled-together, monochromatic look using the Micro Mini. Grab your favorite three-in-one cream product and use the rounded end of a damp Micro Mini to apply a sheer layer of color to your eyelids. Concentrate on placing product close to the lash line, and then use the side of your blender to diffuse the color towards the crease,” advises Elasmar.
  • Create monochromatic lips and cheeks: “Then use the rounded end of the Micro Mini to apply the product to the apples of your cheeks. Finish the look by using the pointed end to add a wash of color to your lips. Instant, easy glam on the go,” she says.
  • Use it as a nail sponge: Before throwing out your used Beautyblender, you can use it for various things. “After painting your nails, use the pointed end at a 45-degree angle with a contrasting nail polish shade to add a pop of color to the tip of your nails. Or use it all over to create two-tone nails,” says Elasmar.
  • Touch-up your roots: “You can also use a Beautyblender with matte shadow to touch up roots if you’re in a bind,” she continues.

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