How to Trim Bangs

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If we were to pinpoint one downside to bangs, it's how high-maintenance they are. We know the struggle of looking in the mirror just four weeks after getting bangs, stunned to find that what was once a smooth, sharp cut is now an uneven fringe that's inhibiting your eyesight. And because making frequent trips to the salon just to get a bang trim is unattainable for most, we're giving you a helping hand. Below, find everything you need to know about how to cut your own bangs in the comfort of your own home. You can thank us later.

All you need for DIY bang trims are seriously sharp, pointy scissors that are preferably professional (seriously, don't use your kitchen scissors). The Equinox Professional Shears ($18) are priced affordably (for being professional-grade) and boast an average of 80% 5-star ratings.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 10 minutes


  1. Always start with dry hair, as wet hair will shrink when dry and your end result will look too short. If you usually blow-dry your bangs, apply styling gel before drying. If you usually wash and wear, then let them air dry.
  2. Using a comb, precisely section off the hair you don't want to cut. Pull this hair back in a ponytail or pin it up with bobby pins. Only your bangs (or soon-to-be bangs) should be left loose.
  3. Divide your bangs in half using a styling comb that has teeth. Pin one of the halves back with a bobby pin. Take the other half and comb bangs down with the teeth of the comb facing out. Rest the comb on your browbone. Don't cut your bangs any shorter than where the comb hits your face.
  4. Skip to step 5 if you have shaggy, face-framing bangs. Start 'point-cutting' or snipping the hair at a 45-degree angle. Work slowly, doing a small bit at a time. Never cut bangs straight across (it's impossible to maintain a perfectly straight line).
  5. Important note: If you have shaggy, face-framing bangs, skip the scissors (they can slip and cut hair unevenly) and instead use a brand-new, disposable single-blade razor (double and triple blades will split hair). To razor cut, pull bangs taut with your middle and index fingers. Slide fingers all the way down to end of hair and then razor cut the hair just above your fingers.
  6. Repeat 'point-cutting' on the other half.
  7. If your bangs are too dense, you can add layers. Simply take a portion of the bangs between two fingers and pull the hair vertically above your head. Slide your hand up towards the ends, letting some hair fall. Lower your fingers an inch down the hair section and point-cut or razor cut (a half-inch at most) above your fingers.
  8. If you have long, face-framing layers, check to make sure the length is even by pulling a piece of hair from either side toward the center of your face—they should be equidistant from the bridge of your nose.

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