7 Easy Ways to Treat Hyperpigmentation



After a few too many appointments where a dermatologist inquired about my sunscreen habits—or lack thereof (I know, it’s shameful)—I decided to look into the treatment of hyperpigmentation. I always just shrugged the tiny discoloration off as cute, youthful freckles, but after it got a bit worse, I could tell it was more than that.

Hyperpigmentation, or darkening, can be a result of any type of skin trauma—a breakout, a bug bite, or even an area you scratched or picked a few times. That, and exposure to the sun. Skin often releases color in response to injury, and it can take months for the color to fade. Thankfully, there are tools to expedite the fading.

After a quick (and somewhat frightening) Google search, I was a bit scared of the technical and intense-sounding treatments available. I decided to check in with my go-to dermatologist, Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology, and Dr. Scott Wells, a plastic surgeon and skincare expert, to find out the easiest ways to prevent and treat my discoloration. Were the harsh treatments worth it? Would they ultimately just aggravate my skin? Are there products I can buy at the drugstore that actually work? Keep reading to find out all the answers and more.

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