This Is the Hairstyle You're Going to Be Wearing Come Spring

Updated 03/12/18

As fashion month draws to an end, there's one thing we're certain of: One of our favourite hairstyles is making a comeback. Karl Lagerfeld sent models down the Chanel runway with messy topknots. Yep, the dolly bun is back in fashion. We know that you're probably already perfecting a topknot on Sundays, but Chanel proves you can wear it with a smart shirt, while Olivia Palermo and Bella Hadid know it can soften a supercharged outfit. Pulling this gallery together, we're sold, and this is potentially the only hairstyle we'll be wearing this summer—it's just so easy to do. Not sure how to perfect the look? Click here to find out how to do a messy bun at home.

how to top knot: Model at Chanel AW2018 Show

If it's good enough for Chanel, it's good enough for your hair. Give your hair some texture before piling it onto the top of your head with something like the Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray (£10) and then tease the ends out of the bun to give it that lived-in look.

how to top knot: Olivia Palermo at Paris Fashion Week
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Of course, Olivia Palermo looks incredible with a messy bun. We love how she's given some height to her hair to give the bun volume. We recommend keeping this pinned in place with some grips, like these Scunci Comfort No Slip (£3) ones.

how to top knot: Blogger Alice Catherine

We couldn't do a roundup on the best buns and not include blogger Alice Catherine. If scraping your hair fully off your face feels too much for you, keep your fringe, or the length around your face, loose for a softer look.

how to top knot: Emili Sindlev at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2018
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Make like Emili Sindlev and secure your loose bun with a claw clip like this Anthropologie Copper Hair Claw (£12). It'll save your hair from potential split ends that hair ties can cause, and it looks great.

how to top knot: Influencer Lesley of Fresh Lengths

Fresh Lengths' Lesley gives the allusion of a full fringe by pulling her hair to the front. We're feeling this look with a red lip for when you're going out.

how to top knot: Bella Hadid at Paris Fashion Week
Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

Bella Hadid opted for a less severe bun with strands pulled out around her face and a slight quiff (definitely a word we didn't think we'd be saying in 2018), but we're into it.

how to top knot: Bianca Valle With Top Knot

Bianca Valle—firstly can we have your hair? And secondly, teach us how to do the perfect bun like yours, please. Detangle your hair first with something like Living Proof's Restore Perfecting Spray (£13) and pull your hair tightly back onto the very top of your head. This look is ideal for those days when there isn't time to wash your hair but you still have to get things done.

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