This Is the Easiest (and Quickest) Way to Smooth All Your Baby Hairs

Baby hairs sound adorable and charming but anyone who's experienced them can attest to the fact that they are in fact one of life's greatest nuisances. Picture this: you spend hours (okay, a few extra minutes) on styling your hair and are greeted with a sleek, gorgeous 'do. Except for the fact there appears to be a delicate halo of frizz around your hairline, growing larger and by the minute. Welcome to my life. As someone can't put her hair in a ponytail without looking as if she's been lightly electrocuted, baby hairs are the bane of my existence. Thus, my ears perked up backstage at Oscar de la Renta when lead hairstylist Orlando Pita shared a trick for keeping baby hairs at bay. Keep scrolling to see what it is!