The #1 Selfie-Ready Beauty Trick Every Woman Should Know

Most celebrities are happy to share their flawless snaps on Instagram, but it’s rare that they reveal their selfie secrets. Celeb makeup artist Luis Casco is changing all that with his new book, #Beautiful ($18). Packed with 50 tutorials on how to get the most flattering selfie, the book provides EXACTLY how to highlight our best features. No vague descriptions here. Casco gave us a preview and spilled his number one natural-looking eye makeup tutorial. To create standout but still natural-looking eyes, follow the steps below!

“Dab an eye primer over the (eye)lid and lower lash line, then apply a light bone eye shadow all over the lid,” shares Casco. “Next, press an iridescent blue eyeshadow, like Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Azure ($8), along the lash line and all around the eye with an eyeliner brush. Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, blend the blue shade and carry it up the crease. Use the same brush to soften the lower lash line. Liberally apply a matte brown shade to the crease and blend thoroughly with a crease brush using back-and-forth windshield wiper motions.”

Now that we have our makeup down, what’s the precise selfie angle to get the most flattering results? According to #Beautiful, hold your phone at arm's length, about six inches higher than your head, and tilt the phone at a 45-degree angle. What's your stance on selfies? Excited to try this beauty trick, or sick of them altogether? Let us know in the comments below!