How to Power-Nap Without Feeling Groggy When You Wake Up

If I had to make a list of all the things I am passionate about, that list would include reading, writing, my family, my two dogs, coffee, and naps. The latter, in particular, is something that I do at least twice a week (if not more), no matter the time, day, or season. It's snowy and blustery in the midst of winter? My bed calls to me like a siren to sailors in an ancient Greek epic. It's bright and warm in July, you say? I'll find the time to take a little siesta, hiding away from the sun and the heat if only for a half hour or so. There's just something about taking a nap that soothes and unwinds the brain and body. 

The problem is that I haven't quite found the perfect nap formula (if you will). Some days I wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized. Other days I wake up groggy, having lost all sense of time, location, and reality. It's these days that I desperately grab my phone, trying to decipher the century I've awoken in. Basically, what I'm saying is that napping is a 50/50 game for me. I have yet to master the consistent art of the power nap, which is that mythical midday sleep that results in a more energy and clarity. According to experts like Holly Phillips, MD, general internist, and Manhattan author of The Exhaustion Breakthrough, there is indeed a formula. As long as you follow the power-nap rules, it's quite simple.