We Tried Our Co-Workers' Signature Poses in an Attempt to Be More Photogenic

Scrolling through my co-workers Instagram feeds I realized a few things. First, they all know how to take a great selfie. The other is that they all have easily identifiable signature poses. As someone who has trouble taking her own selfies, it struck me as interesting. It certainly makes sense—we go through life with the same face, learning how to hold it, contort it, and angle it so it photographs how we want. Somehow, though, I missed that class.

In the ever-elusive quest to be more photogenic, I decided to hit my co-workers up for a little experiment. We'd each choose someone's signature pose to re-create, and, afterward, discuss the experience. Perhaps we'll all come out with new selfie faces (or, more likely, a lot of hilarious outtakes). Keep reading to find out what happened.

Who do you think nailed it? Let us know in the comments below.