Summer Beauty 911: How to Save Your Makeup When It's Rapidly Sweating Off


Romain du Quesne

Even if you've used your most steadfast primer, selected your favorite waterproof mascara, and diligently dusted on a layer of setting powder, you know that you're still taking a gamble when you face off against midsummer's steamy temps. Individually, high humidity, sweat, and stagnant air are all enough to dislodge even the most resistant makeup. Together, they can practically evaporate your entire face in a matter of minutes. (You know this if you've ever stepped on the NYC subway in July, only to step off a few stops later in a pool of perspiration and mascara.)

This hellish cycle is enough to make you want to ditch makeup altogether until September. We're here to tell you that abstinence doesn't have to be the only option. If you strategically stock your bag with the right products, there's no reason you can't look impossibly fresh-faced for hours—no reapplication necessary. Keep reading for the only touch-up tools you need.

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