3 Ways to Get Straight, Glossy Hair Without Heat

Straightening wavy hair without a heat tool is the stuff of witchcraft—or, at the very least, a Disney princess–esque band of singing animal sidekicks. However, it's not quite too good to be true. "It's totally possible to get straight(er) hair without heat," Brooke Jordan, owner and master stylist at Brooklyn, NY salon, The Bird House, says.

A caveat: While the techniques below work on wavy hair, it's probably not super realistic to be able to go from curly hair to super-straight without the use of hot tools. But for those who want to test it out, we touched base with Jordan; Ian Mayer-Marszalek, the national corporate trainer at Schwarzkopf Professional; and Richard Mannah, Joico's international guest artistic director, who gave us their best tips on how to straighten hair without heat. Check them out below.

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Opening Image: Imaxtree