Never Store Your Makeup Brushes Like This

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We all have our go-to spot where we like to perform our ritual of putting on makeup: by a window with plenty of natural light and a handheld mirror; at a vintage vanity lit by lightbulbs you've spent a lifetime searching for; in the sanctuary of the bathroom.

Wherever you choose, if you're a self-confessed makeup addict like us, you may find it's all too easy for your makeup products and tools to become a jumbled mess. Speaking of the latter, have you given much thought to how to store your makeup brushes? To help you get organized, we turned to professional makeup artist Liz Pugh and LORAC Artistry Advisor and celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan for their top makeup brush storage ideas.

Read on to learn some of the best ways to store your makeup brushes.

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Use a Brush Roll

Guru Makeup Euporium Makeup Brush Roll
Guru Makeup Emporium Nanshy Makeup Brush Roll $18

If you love the idea of a makeup bag but hate digging through to find the brush you're looking for, a brush roll is a great option. This storage solution features individual slots for each brush in your collection. "You can pop your brushes into one and keep them separate from your makeup bag to keep them clean and the hairs in place," says Pugh. Try this classic black Nanshy Makeup Brush Roll from Guru Makeup Emporium ($18).

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Upcycle Old Candles

Diptyque Berries Candle
Diptyque Berries Candle $185

Who said you had to go out and purchase storage specifically for your makeup brushes? Instead, treat yourself to a new candle. "When finished burning, clean it out to store brushes," Pugh says. "Diptyque candles (we love the look and smell of this Berries Candle, $185) make great brush holders once finished. It seems such a waste to throw away the glass."

Don't store your makeup brushes lose in a makeup bag. According to Pugh, they pick up so much bacteria and dirt, which is transported straight onto the face when you use them.

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Try Magnetic Makeup Brushes

Ruby Hammer Magnetic Brush Set
Ruby Hammer Magnetic Brush Set $38

Looking for a compact storage option? Magnetic makeup brushes will be your best friend. "Ruby Hammer has an amazing Magnetic Brush Set ($37)—three brushes that fit onto each other—and it's perfect for popping into your makeup bag. It's the size of one brush, but all three contained into one for a hygienic solution," Pugh explains. You can also easily pop this brush onto your vanity thanks to its compactness—not to mention its stylish red packaging.

If you want to incorporate the magnet method to the rest of your brushes, get ready to get crafty—and save cabinet space. "Stick a magnetic strip to your mirror and glue tiny magnets to your brushes," says Deenihan.

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Store in a Makeup Pouch

Make Up For Ever Danny's Makeup Brush Pouch Holder
Make Up For Ever Dany's Pouch $31

Speaking of makeup brush storage options that are space-friendly, this makeup pouch is perfect for throwing in your suitcase when traveling or purse on the daily—not to mention it's makeup artist-approved. Pugh loves Make Up For Ever's Dany's Pouch ($31). "They are space-saving as the top comes off and you can put brushes in both ends whilst using them. I have used these for years," she says.

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Organize in Vintage Finds

Makeup brushes in jar

Keiko Iwabuchi / Getty Images

One of our favorite things to do is scour thrift shops and antique stores for hidden gems to store makeup brushes, and Pugh agrees. "I always pop into an antique shop if I pass one as you can always find something pretty, whether it’s a cut-glass tumbler or vase," she says. "If I hit the jackpot it can be an apothecary jar with a lid to keep the brushes dust free. Something will always catch my eye and they always look lovely on a dressing table or bathroom shelf."

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Upgrade Jars and Vases

Makeup brushes in jar with stars

gerenme / Getty Images

On the note of revamping old treasures, you can also upgrade a jar or vase for a customized makeup brush storage option. "Jars and vases can be filled a quarter way with small beads, small marbles—anything that catches your eyes to keep them propped up, but it's not necessary," Pugh says. Deenihan seconds filling a jar with something that can prop up your brushes, adding pebbles and coffee beans to the list of potential fillers. You can even decorate the outside with rhinestones, lace, or papier-mâché!

Living with roommates and don’t want to get your brushes mixed up? Deenihan suggests each picking a fun nail polish and dipping the back end of each brush in your color. 

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Reuse an Old Coffee Mug

Makeup brushes in coffee cup

serezniy / Getty Images

Have a favorite coffee mug you'd rather have on display than use for your morning cup of joe? Using it for makeup brush storage is the perfect way to add a touch of personality to your vanity.

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