How to Store Your Bras Without Ruining Them, According to a Fit Expert

Eight easy tips to follow.

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I’ll be honest: When I was assigned a story about how to store your bras the first thing that crossed my mind was, "Well, that's the opposite of what I’m doing." For as long as I’ve lived in small New York City apartments (six years), I’ve semi-gawked at guides suggesting your bras take up precious real estate in your cramped quarters. If you’re reading this and live in a big city, you get what I mean. If you’re reading this and live in a normal-sized home with ample storage, I’m happy for you, really I am. 

All this to say, I haven’t always been the best at storing my bras, but after speaking with an expert and conducting my own research, I’m happy to report that everyone (including you) can tuck away your bras properly. Ahead, discover eight helpful storage tips and tricks to prolong the lifespan of your bras.

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Always Clasp the Back

CUUP’s Director of Fit Tania Garcia recommends always clasping the back of your bras before storing them away. "This ensures nothing gets caught in drawers or creates holes in other garments," she notes.

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Categorize Your Bras

If you're like me and own a few different types of bras (bralette, underwire, underwire with cup, etc.), then I’d recommend separating them by styles. This not only helps you source the bra you want for a particular outfit much quicker, it also helps preserve the integrity of your different undergarments (more on that in a sec).

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Lay Your Bras Flat

While it may save more space to fold your bras in half, it’s not great for helping your bra maintain its natural shape. "Lay your bras flat if possible,” Garcia recommends. "Folding the cups within each other can ruin the center gore." 

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Store Your Bras Separately From Your Other Undergarments

Unless you have a designed bra drawer, it might be smart to store yours separate from underwear, socks, and the lingerie ilk. Garcia suggests storing your bras in a silk bag within your drawer to keep them as pristine as possible.

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Don’t Neglect Rotation

It’s easy to play favorites with that one special bra, but it’s important to mix it up. "Rotating your bras helps with care and longevity," Garcia says. "Three to four underwire bras is what we recommend but if you consistently wear bralettes, sports, and lounge bras too, you can include that into the rotation. Three to four wears before each wash is ideal.” An easy way to accomplish this goal is by organizing your bras flat in a row so you can choose more easily.

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Try Storing Them in a Bin

If you don’t have a chest of drawers, then consider investing in a storage bin. The Container Store and other similar retailers offer vessels specifically designed for undergarments, making sure you have ample space to stow your items. 

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Use a Drawer Organizer

If you do have a chest of drawers, simply invest in a drawer organizer for your bras. It carves out a designated space so you always know where they go and aren’t tempted to stuff them in the corner of the drawer, only to be discovered a month later. 

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Hijack Your Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizers are great for footwear but they’re also a handy hack for storing your bras. Their shape is large and long enough to slide a couple bras in each cubby and makes finding them especially effortless.

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