This Genius Beauty Hack Makes Storing Your Beautyblender So Simple

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Here's the thing: I've never learned to love a foundation brush. Whenever I apply my makeup with one, it results in a streaky or uneven finish that highlights my skin's texture and pores. Using a Beautyblender Micro.Mini Pro ($18), on the other hand, allows me to dab the concealer into those hard-to-reach areas without caking on unnecessary layers.

The only issue I have with beauty sponges is that they're hard to properly care for. The egg-shaped tool that makes foundation application so easy makes proper storage difficult. It needs to air-dry, sure, but I don't want to just leave it on my bathroom vanity. I certainly can't throw a damp sponge in my makeup bag (unless I want mold to grow—ick).

Read on to learn some of the best ways to store your Beautyblender sponge.

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Store in an Egg Cup

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This genius beauty hack allows a beauty sponge to air-dry while keeping it propped up above a potentially germy bathroom vanity. It's also incredibly inexpensive. Thanks to the open-top design of an egg cup, the damp sponge can dry thoroughly while keeping perched on a messy makeup vanity. The best part is that you probably already have these lying around in your kitchen cupboards.

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Let it Air Dry

According to Rea Ann Silva, founder of Beautyblender and the ultimate expert, air-drying your makeup sponge after washing is essential. "Always let them air dry and let them sit out in an open space," Silva says. As a general rule, let your sponges dry completely before stashing them.

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Use a Cute Candle Holder

glass crown-shaped candle holder
Hobby Lobby Gold Glass Crown Candle Holder $5

A similar trick favorited by professional makeup artist and VaultBeauty member Nydia Figueroa is to store your beauty sponge in a wide candle holder. "When I want to store my beauty blender in my beauty room, I love to use crown candleholders to add an elegant flair to my storage. It holds it perfectly without being too tight and is so beautiful on top of your vanity," she says.

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Dry on a Sponge Holder

stainless steel sponge holder
Fleur de Lis Living Mateus Stainless Steel Sponge Holder $24

Ah, the age-old question: What to do with your Beautyblender while it dries? "The best way I like to store the product while it dries is elevated and on top of a sponge rack with holes or open spaces," says Figueroa. "This is an excellent way to dry because it allows the air to circulate through the pores of the sponge and prevents molding."

Ring the water out of your sponge as best you can before placing it on the sponge rack. According to Figueroa, you want it to be damp, not soaked.

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Hold Onto the Packaging

One of our favorite hacks is to hang on to the plastic sleeve the Beautyblender comes in (if you get your sponges from the namesake brand, that is). The cylindrical tube is the perfect size to air dry your blender because the sponge rests on top while it's expanded from the moisture. Then, once the sponge has completely dried, it fits back inside the original packaging for storage. Plus, it's tiny and won't take up much room on your vanity or bathroom counter.

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Protect it In Your Makeup Bag

blender defender
beautyblender Blender Defender $12

Properly airing out your beauty sponge is essential for avoiding bacterial growth and keeping it in tip-top shape for as long as possible. "I wouldn't store in your makeup bag unless it is protected with the Beautyblender defender or a small mesh bag," says Figueroa. This will protect from mold growth and damage from other products.

"If you are in a rush and want to take your Beautyblender with you, we suggest getting our blender defender as it lets your Beautyblender breathe," notes Silva.

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Avoid Cramped Spaces

"The best place to store a Beautyblender is in a room temperature area free of moisture," says Figueroa. Even if it's dry at the time, cramped drawers and the like breed bacteria that you probably don't want on your face and can encourage mold. "Don't place your blender inside a closed drawer unless it's dried and its own compartment. While damp, keep it away from any humid or tight areas to prevent mold or mildew."

Silva agrees: "You never want to store a wet blender in a closed place (ex. drawer or cabinet)."

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