How to Prevent Your Nails From Breaking, Once and for All

Updated 10/06/17

Nail breakage isn't only frustrating; it can be downright painful. Not to mention the fact that one broken nail requires you to file the rest of the nine down to their death in order to match the height of the lowest common denominator. How rude! Because when you've got a handful (literally) of strong, long fingernails, you can't very well have one lone, low ranger peeking out among the bunch. That's why we put together this handy (we can't stop!) guide to ending nail breakage once and for all. Keep scrolling to see how it's done!

stop nails from breaking

Get the Right Vitamins and Minerals

Like hair, your nails need the right nutrients to grow long and strong. Vitamin C is key to the production of collagen, which the body uses to grow fingernails. Because the body can't produce vitamin C, it is important to consume vitamins or foods that contain it to avoid deficiency. Meanwhile, B-group vitamins, like biotin, are crucial for maintaining the health of fingernails (biotin deficiency leads to dry nails, which are more susceptible to breakage), and brittle nails are also a sign of iron deficiency. To combat nail breakage, consume more leafy green vegetables, nuts, and lean red meat, which all contain the vital vitamins for nails. 

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Do an At-Home Oil Dip

To grow and strengthen nails, it is vital to keep nails moisturized. Olive oil and coconut oil are the best natural oils when it comes to nail growth, as they contain nutrients to restore damaged nails and increase blood circulation to the nail. Once a week, do an at-home nail dip where you soak your fingers in a bowl of oil for 10 or so minutes. 

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Avoid Household Cleaners

Nails that are exposed to household cleansers begin to thin and dry out, especially with chemicals such as formaldehyde and acetone. Make sure to put gloves on when using harsh chemicals, and avoid nail polish removers with acetone. The same goes for harsh antibacterial kitchen soap that you might use to clean your dishes.

Do a DIY Nail Mask

For a nail-friendly DIY hand soak, combine fresh lemon juice, sugar, apple cider vinegar, and warm water. Lemon contains vitamin C, which is key for nail growth. Apple cider vinegar and warm water can eliminate any white spots on nails. Plus, since apple cider vinegar has acetic acid, it can fight nail infections. Along with sugar, this homemade nail mask will treat yellow nails and give them a healthy shine.

How do you keep your nails stiff and strong? Share your tips below! 

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