My Foolproof Trick to Stop Hiccups as Soon as They Start

It happens to the best of us. That moment when hiccups frustratingly set in and your brain calls to mind that story you read that one time about the girl who had hiccups for something like seven years straight. Or was it 12 years? Wait, and then there was that one guy who had them forever. No? Just us worried souls over here? I know that when I've had hiccups that just won't go away, no matter how many times I've had the nearest person in the room try to scare them away ("In a few minutes, when we've both forgotten about this, say BOO! really loudly") or tried jumping up and down on one leg, I've begun to worry about that what-if. What if they just never go away? What if I'm haunted by hiccups for the rest of my life? That was the case, at least, until a roommate taught me a trick that has never failed me. Not once ever, in all the dozens of times I've had hiccups since. Keep scrolling to learn what it is!